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The University of Kansas Health System ranked nationally in 8 specialties on U.S. News & World Report's 2017-18 Best Hospitals List

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Treating childhood cancer with a personal touch
Published: 10/20/2016

The Pediatric Hematology/Oncology program treats approximately 35 children, adolescents and young adults each year who have a wide range of cancers.

Got an Itch? Bring on the Frost!
Published: 10/14/2016

Have you wondered why you seem to have insect bites all over your arms and upper body this fall, but can’t remember being bitten? You’re not imagining things. The Midwest is under attack from a microscopic enemy called the oak leaf itch mite.

Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder Reminds Community that Time is Running Out
Published: 10/12/2016

The public comment period for UNOS' proposal on redistributing livers ends Oct. 15. U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder encourages you to share your thoughts with UNOS.

The University of Kansas Hospital is First in Region to Use Revolutionary Heart Monitoring Device
Published: 10/7/2016

Mary Joplin was out shopping with a friend one day, when she started feeling really sick, and asked her friend to take her to the hospital. When she got there, doctors found she had been retaining massive amounts of fluid, and diagnosed her with congestive heart failure. After draining 35 pounds of fluid from her body, doctors put her on a strict regimen of medicine to deal with the heart failure. But that regimen needed constant monitoring, and meant Mary might have to come to the doctor’s office several times a week for checkups.

Expanded Service for Downtown's Only Urgent Care
Published: 10/6/2016

The only urgent care center in the downtown loop of Kansas City, Mo., is now offering extended Saturday hours.

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