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Advanced Practice Provider Student Clinical Placement

The University of Kansas Health System welcomes all current graduate Advanced Practice Provider (APP) students, including APRNs and physician assistants, for clinical placement. Collaboration between physicians, nurses, researchers, educators, APPs and other professionals who share their expertise leads to a strong learning environment.

Please understand that we strive to accommodate students as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee a spot. Preceptor availability is very limited for those students seeking primary, family medicine or pediatric placements. We encourage the prospective student to continue exploring other options. Do not assume that this request is equal to a confirmation of placement.

Nursing license

The University of Kansas Health System provides healthcare in Kansas and Missouri. You are required to have a license in the state where you will be completing any clinical hours. Please note that you cannot begin your clinical placement until you have an active license for the state where you are completing any hours for your clinical rotation. This does not apply to physician assistant students.

School affiliation

Make sure there is a current affiliation agreement between your school and The University of Kansas Health System. Placements cannot be made until an agreement is in place. If an agreement is in place, complete the placement request form below. Once the form has been submitted, the team will review your request and contact you regarding next steps.


Please note: Requests cannot be made more than 12 months before clinical rotation.

Fall Clinical (August-December): Requests must be received by May 1.

Spring Clinical (January-May): Requests must be received by October 1.

Summer Clinical (June-July): Requests must be received by February 1.

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