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Welcome to The University of Kansas Health System! We would love to discuss our current career opportunities with you. As the recruitment team, we serve as your contact in human resources throughout the application and interview process. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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Anne Yurkovich

Anne Yurkovich, Recruiter

I began my career with The University of Kansas Health System in June 2010 as a Recruiter. I feel privileged to tell people that I work at such a prestigious academic medical center and the best health system in the city.  In December 2012, I became a patient for the first time, giving birth to my first child.  As that day unfolded I experienced a small complication during childbirth and the people here discovered the complication and saved me from something that could have been much worse and truly saved my life. I am passionate about hiring people that save lives and would love to tell you more about our hospital and the amazing things happening here. 

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Gina Salazar

Gina Salazar, Senior Recruiter

I am proud to say I work for The University of Kansas Health System.  I have worked here for many years and what keeps me here is our outstanding reputation and the team I work with.  It’s not just the recruitment team, but the team of managers that I’ve been honored to partner with in order to hire the best.  I enjoy interacting with potential candidates who have a passion for nursing and helping them advance in their careers.  It is very rewarding to know you work for the best health system and are hiring the best nursing staff that take such excellent care of our patients.

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Nicole Kisling

Nicole Kisling, Recruiter

I like working for The University of Kansas Health System for several reasons. One of them is that we are ALL here to help patients. It’s that simple! Regardless if it’s direct patient care or behind the scenes we all share the same goal and that is to put the patient first and provide the very best care. I love helping people and knowing that I work for an organization that does the same thing day in and day out is gratifying. I also enjoy the people that work here, it feels very family oriented and even as we grow … our big team feels small and connected! 

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Colette Turner

Colette Turner, Recruiter

I began my career with The University of Kansas Health System in December 2008. My first job out of college was here in Human Resources. I was able to advance within the organization through the many career ladder opportunities that the health system has to offer. I love working at such a progressive health system that is focused on putting the patient's needs first. I take great pride in knowing that through recruiting talented people I am contributing to the excellent care that we are nationally recognized for. I currently partner with Pharmacy and the Lean Promotion Office to hire top talent. I enjoy getting to know my department's needs and creating relationships with the hiring managers.

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Ria Moss

Ria Moss, Talent Acquisition Lead Recruiter

I am a Talent Acquisition Project Lead Recruiter at The University of Kansas Health System. I currently provide direct sourcing and talent acquisition services to The University of Kansas Health System since 2010. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and Marketing . I am currently attending Baker University obtaining my MBA in Human Resources. In the last past six years, I have recruited both clinical and non-clinical positions. I currently specialize in IT, manager, director and senior director-level roles throughout the health system and in charge of recruitment projects. My goal is to find the best people possible that have the passion for the health of our patients. I am so honored and proud to part of a top-notch organization that is constantly finding new, innovative ways to improve the quality of care for our patients. 

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Steven Griffin
Steven Griffin, Recruiter

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Ashley Suratt

Ashley Suratt, Talent Acquisition Sourcing Partner

I have 10 years of recruitment experience focusing on a wide variety of professions and industries. In the past 5 years my career has been primarily focused on Healthcare. Healthcare is my passion. I believe clinical, non-clinical and IT personnel all contribute to the overall patient experience. I feel it is important to have the right people in these roles to keep things moving forward and provide a positive patient experience. How these teams work together is the key to a successful organization. I love helping people find their career path within our organization and  ways their skills and strengths could benefit our patients. It excites me to know that the people we hire are all improving patient lives.

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Jenanne Wilson

Jenanne Wilson, Recruiter

I am always proud to tell people that I work for The University of Kansas Health System, not just because of the prestigious reputation we have, but because I love where I work and the team I am a part of.  No matter where I am in the hospital, I am always greeted with a warm welcome and comforting smile.  You get to see people doing what they were put on this earth to do and it is a humbling and awe-inspiring feeling.

It is my passion to bring talented individuals into our world and find them positions that they can succeed and grow in, just as I have been able to do.

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Michael Risinger

Michael Risinger, Senior Recruiter-Quality Outcomes

I moved to Kansas City from Southern California in 2015 with no professional connections.  When I met the team for my group interview, I couldn’t imagine not working with them.  Since day one, my leadership and peers have recognized my talents and invested in my professional growth.  The Talent Acquisition team has become a family of inspirational people, that I previously never imagined possible.  I have seen the same level of community in the various departments that I serve.

I strongly believe that life can be epic, when we are in a place that allows us to improve the lives of others (and grow in the process).  It is important to work for an organization that values you.  We pride ourselves on trust, respect, learning, continuous improvement, and outstanding patient care.  We are a part of something much bigger than ourselves at The University of Kansas Health System. I am so fortunate to help people build their dreams on a daily basis!

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Andrea Goldring

Andrea Goldring, Recruiter

I have been a Recruiter for The University of Kansas Health System for a year and a half.  I recruit for a variety of positions for our ambulatory specialty clinics, both clinical and non-clinical.  I have been with the health system since 2012 in a different role and have seen the drastic growth the system has gone through.  I feel privileged to be a part of such an outstanding health system.  We have been awarded a variety of different rewards and national recognitions for the top patient care we provide. The University of Kansas Health System strives to be the best in the nation and continues to rapidly grow in size.  I am honored to work for such a prestigious healthcare organization. To be a successful recruiter in any industry, one must truly believe in the organization. I believe in our health system and what we do on a daily basis for our patients. I take great pride in finding top talent to join our outstanding team! I take time in building relationships with each and every one of my business partners to learn about their specialty area and their needs. I strive to provide top customer service to all my applicants and mangers.

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Kourtney Welch

Kourtney Welch, Recruiter

I joined the University of Kansas Health System for the culture, mission and values. I am proud to be a member of a talent acquisition that seeks out the best talent in order to provide world class care to our patients and their families. The innovation that happens in our health system is inspiring and I am honored to be surrounded everyday by passionate people with one common goal.

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Sami Serrano

Sami Serrano, Recruiter

I am both humbled and honored to be working for one of the best, most prestigious hospitals in the nation. The University of Kansas Health System is my home away from home. The thing I love most about working here is the fact that every single employee has one unique common goal in mind and that is to provide the best patient care to our patients, day in and day out. I wouldn’t want to be a part of any other team. We are ONE, always striving to be the best that we can be!

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Megan Smith

Megan Smith, Recruiter

I have worked in Human Resources for 10 yrs. I have held different roles in HR throughout the insurance industry and now with in healthcare, but have enjoyed recruitment the most.

I chose the University of Kansas Health SYstem as my current place of employment initially because of the flexibility it offered and the commute from my home. After being here a year now, I have a different reason why I’m here. The overall quality of the health system and the prestige that it holds speaks volumes for me now.

I am proud to be at a place that allows for and encourages growth for the staff and excellent care for the patients. It’s not just a place I go to work, but a place I can come and feel like I’ve made a difference. The University of Kansas Health System has so much to offer to anyone who is looking to either go into nursing all the way to the person who wants to progress in the IT field.

I am proud to say I work among the best!

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Colleen Peterson

Colleen Peterson, Recruiter

I am very fortunate and proud to have been with The University of Kansas Health System for several years now.  It has been very exciting to see all of the many well deserved accolades the hospital has received and be a part of the growth that has brought The University of Kansas Health System to one of the leading hospitals in the nation. 

I have a passion for helping others and being a part of our Talent Acquisition team allows me to partner with those professionals who also want to be excited about working with one of the best hospitals. I am honored to have the opportunity to help match prospective staff whose vision matches ours in providing the ultimate in patient care.

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Kelli Heathman

Kelli Healthman, Recruiter

I have always wanted to belong to a team that made work not only fun but meaningful. Coming from a social work background, I have always had a passion for helping people and helping organizations reach new heights. Working at The University of Kansas Health System has allowed me to not only find the best of the best individuals to work here but has also allowed me to see the impact our staff has on our patients. I am proud to be a recruiter here at the health system and proud to stand behind such an amazing and reputable hospital.

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Emily Pinaire

Emily Pinaire, Recruiter

It is exciting to work for an organization that is continuously evolving to meet the needs of patients nationwide. Not only do I get to work for the best hospital in the region, but I also get to work with people I enjoy, doing something I love. Each day I am faced with new goals that are challenging, interesting, and rewarding. I feel fortunate to work with a team that individually and collectively works to better the organization by recruiting top talent. Through internal collaboration we help people grow professionally to build strong, unified teams that impact the lives of the community we serve.

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Janelle Johnston

Janelle Johnston, Lead Recruitment Tech

I began my career with The University of Kansas Health System in February 2012.  As the lead recruitment technician, I am a resource to the recruitment techs and the Talent Acquisition team, and oversee onboarding compliance of new employees. I also play an active role in coordinating student internships and building relationships with schools. A graduate of Baker University and having a passion for healthcare and HR, I take pride in working at one of the best health systems in the nation and am fully committed to helping our entire population of employees make a positive impact throughout the health system community. Support, trust, and respect are some of the qualities displayed by each of us that motivate me to help bring top talent to our academic medical center. 

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Emalee Leigh 

Emalee Leigh, Recruitment Tech

I was born and raised in Northwestern Western Illinois. As a recent graduate from Augustana College, I decided to begin my career path with The University of Kansas Health SYstem because of our outstanding work culture. We are committed to stimulate both success and growth within each and every individual we bring aboard. I am proud to say that I am one out of many who have had the pleasure to experience this hospitable culture first hand; and I’m looking forward to expanding our reach as we continue to grow as an organization!

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We are an equal employment opportunity employer without regard to a person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), national origin, ancestry, age (40 or older), disability, veteran status or genetic information.