Writing A New Chapter In Life

Dr. Timothy Schmitt, Transplant Director, talks about Debra Ellerbusch's recent complex surgery as the 1001st liver transplant at University of Kansas Hospital.

Average Wait Time for Liver Transplant

Liver transplant patients and referring doctors choose us because of our reputation, expertise, shorter wait times and exceptionally high standards for comprehensive care.

Our patient outcomes outperform the national average with wait times that are significantly shorter.

Shorter Wait Times, Better Outcomes

The Center for Transplantation at The University of Kansas Hospital is the largest transplant program in Kansas and western Missouri. Our patient survival rates are higher than regional and national averages, and our organ waiting list times are significantly shorter.

Patients come to our hospital from throughout the Midwest and the U.S. From first visit through your transplant and for the rest of your life, your transplant team provides comprehensive, compassionate care.

We performed our first kidney transplant in 1969 and our first simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplant in 1999. Our kidney doctors have performed more than 1,700 kidney transplants since 1969.

Join Our List - Request A Consultation

You, your doctor or your dialysis center can request a kidney transplant evaluation as the first step in being added to our transplant list.

To request an evaluation, please call us at 913.588.1227 or toll-free at 800.332.6048 or complete the form on the left and we will contact you.

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