Breast cancer second opinion leads to a positive outcome

Barbara Brown

Breast cancer second opinion leads to a positive outcome

When Barbara Brown learned she had an aggressive form of breast cancer, her surgeon was anxious to move forward with surgery before consulting an oncologist or considering other treatment options.

Barbara knew she wanted a second opinion, so she called The University of Kansas Health System. “The minute I walked through the doors of the Cancer Center, it felt right,” Barbara recalled.

I now look back on my experience and feel so blessed. There's not a doubt in my mind that my outcome would have been different had I not found my way to The University of Kansas Hospital. – Barbara Brown

My doctor seemed as though she had all the time in the world to examine me, educate me and discuss recommended treatments.” “I told her it was not an option to not get well,” added the mother of three. “Without skipping a beat, she put her hand on my knee and reassured me that our goal was to get me well.”

Throughout her cancer treatment, Barbara was touched by the personal, compassionate care she received at the hospital. Three and a half years later, Barbara is feeling “great.” She’s become a lifeline to others with cancer and a strong advocate for the hospital’s Cancer Center.

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