A Car for Christmas

One patient's deserving gift

When Case Manager Lizzie Linderer heard about Cars 4 Christmas, a program that donates cars to people who have fallen on hard times, she knew she had to put in an application.

Cars 4 Christmas

Case Manager Lizzie Linderer and patient Cheryl Curse posed in style in front of Curse's new car, a 1999 Mercedes C-class. Cars 4 Christmas, a program that donates cars to people who have fallen on hard times, awarded to the car to Curse after Linderer nominated her.

One of the patients she works with, Cheryl Curse, had been without a car for a several months, making it difficult for her to come in for treatments. Curse had a double mastectomy in April and began eight weeks of chemotherapy shortly after that. Previously, she'd received a kidney and pancreas transplant, and had also had a heart valve replaced.

"Cheryl is pretty incredible," Linderer said. "She's battled through so many illnesses in her lifetime and somehow continues to sport a smile on her face."

Shortly after being diagnosed, Cheryl told Linderer that her main focus was to beat her breast cancer and come back to the cancer center as a volunteer so she could help other women get through treatment.

"I thought a car for Christmas would be a great end to this tough year, so I went ahead and applied for her," Linderer said.

So when the call came after Thanksgiving letting Linderer know that Curse would be receiving a 1999 Mercedes-Benz C-class, she -- and Curse -- were ecstatic. Curse got to pick up her new ride, which was filled with bags of fresh groceries, at Harrah's Casino the week before Christmas.

"It's a dream come true," Curse said. "I always wanted to drive a Mercedes."