Kidney Cancer

Kidney UltrasoundKidney cancer affects around 58,000 people in the United States each year, and close to 13,000 die from the disease. It is the eighth most common cancer in men and the tenth most common in women. Smoking is a major risk factor, but family history may also play an important role, especially for those with Von Hippel Lindau disease.

Surgery remains the main treatment for kidney cancer. Depending on the stage of the tumor, several different surgical approaches can be applied to treat the cancer. For example, for those tumors less than 5cm or patients with only a single kidney, our physicians often recommend a partial nephrectomy. This operation, which requires significant skill, focuses on preserving as much kidney as possible while removing the cancerous tumor. Our urologists have the necessary experience and expertise to offer this procedure, even for the most difficult tumors.

Dr. David Duchene and Dr. Moben Mirza use the da Vinci® surgical platform to perform partial nephrectomy in a majority of patients. In addition to our physicians performing complex robotic/laparoscopic partial nephrectomy, Dr. Holzbeierlein and Dr. Mirza also perform complex open cases that involve tumors in the main veins, or IVC.

Our urologic oncology surgeons are uniquely qualified to successfully remove these tumors using a multidisciplinary approach along with our vascular and cardiothoracic surgeons.

We also offer cryoablation and radiofrequency ablation as alternative renal-sparing surgeries. For those tumors that are larger, radical nephrectomy, or removal of the entire kidney, may be necessary. In these instances, we offer the latest techniques of treatment, including laparoscopic and robotic nephrectomy.

For those patients whose cancer has spread beyond the kidney, our comprehensive approach utilizes a multidisciplinary team of experts who have vast experience in treating advanced kidney cancer with immunotherapy, medical therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Dr. Peter Van Veldhuizen, a medical oncologist and nationally recognized expert, is one of the nation’s most experienced in treating advanced kidney cancer with IL-2, an immunotherapy. Working closely with our urologic oncologists, Dr. Van Veldhuizen provides the latest and most advanced treatment of kidney cancer, including a number of clinical trials for those who have failed to respond to traditional treatments.