Organ donation: Leave a legacy


You have the power to potentially save or change the lives of more than 50 people – without rushing into a burning building, diving into shark-infested waters or grabbing the wheel of a runaway bus. Just register now to be an organ donor after your death. Your legacy can be the gift of life, or sight or healing to patients desperately waiting for deceased donor organs or tissue.

One deceased organ donor has a big impact and may ...

  • Save or improve the lives of more than 50 people through tissue donation, which includes heart valves, tendons, ligaments and skin.
  • Release two patients from dialysis through kidney donation.
  • Give sight to two people through cornea donation.
  • Help repair injured bones and joints through donated bones.
  • Provide a heart, liver, pancreas, lungs and intestines to patients who will die without them.

Need for donor organs is great

In the U.S., more than 116,000 people are waiting for lifesaving organ transplants, including an estimated 1,000 Kansans and 2,000 Missourians. Each day, an average of 18 people die due to lack of donor organs.

In 2011, there were 28,535 organ transplants across America, thanks to 8,127 deceased organ donors and 6,017 living organ donors. Tens of thousands more benefited from tissue or cornea transplants.  

Registering is easy

Signing up to be an organ donor after your death is easy. In Kansas, register online. Or give consent at the Department of Motor Vehicles, and a heart symbol will be put on your driver’s license.

Register online in Missouri. An important note for Missourians: If you registered before August 28, 2008, a family member is still required to give consent for organ donation after your death. You may want to re-register.

Learn more about organ donation. Or call us at 913-588-1227.