Calm thinking and surgeon’s skill save farmer’s foot

Dan and Cathy SaxtonAs he does every day, Dan Saxton woke up to work on his farm in Bolckow, a small, rural community in northwest Missouri just north of St. Joseph. A typical Tuesday morning quickly changed to trauma when Dan dropped a 1,200-pound piece of farm equipment on his left foot and crushed it.

Dan said his foot swelled to five or six times its normal size, cutting off blood circulation. In that state of calm that sometimes happens when people face an emergency, his wife drove him to a nearby community hospital. After seeing the extent of the damage, the doctors there recommended Dan go to The University of Kansas Hospital, 130 miles away.

The hospital’s rapid response team was prepped and waiting when Dan arrived at the emergency department. As the area’s only nationally verified Level I Trauma Center, the hospital constantly receives a full spectrum of complex trauma cases. Because of the ready mobilization of that team and the expert skills of orthopedic surgeon Greg Horton, MD, they were able to save Dan’s foot.

“Dr. Horton told me that just 10 years ago I probably would have lost my foot,” said Dan. Because of the hospital’s advanced technology, expertise and teamwork, Dan not only kept his foot, he’s walking again.

“Dr. Horton worked a miracle,” Dan added.

Learn more about our Level I Trauma Center.

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