cardiac rehabAsk your doctor for a referral

The program requires a doctor referral. Our team will consult with your doctor and evaluate your health to make sure the program is appropriate for you.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Living well with heart disease

After a heart attack, heart surgery or other heart problems, you may benefit from a rehabilitation program. The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology recommend cardiac rehab. It can help you live well with heart disease, and it may be the key to your survival.

Cardiac rehab is a medically supervised program to help you regain strength. It also can help you learn new habits to keep yourself well. It often includes:

  • Medical evaluation
  • Physical activity
  • Lifestyle education
  • Support

Care for heart patients

Our cardiac rehab care team works closely with you in the hospital and continues through monitored outpatient programs, preparing you to safely maintain your health at home. Your specialized care team includes cardiologists, nurse educators, dietitians, sleep specialists and exercise physiologists.

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Why choose The University of Kansas Health System

Our approach to cardiac rehab is unique. The rehab center is on the same floor with most heart care patients. They can see what we’re doing and start rehab as soon as they’re ready. We also have a very high-touch approach with a low staff-to-patient ratio. As a result, our outcomes are better than most.

  • We care for more patients. About 68 percent of our heart patients join the Cardiac Rehab program at The University of Kansas Health System. That compares with a national average of 26 percent.
  • More patients complete our program. Almost 90 percent of our patients finish their cardiac rehab program, compared to 65 percent nationally.
  • Our program is accredited by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
    In addition to our strengths in cardiac rehab, The Center for Advanced Cardiac Care is a leader in both prevention and treatment of heart disease.
  • Our Risk Reduction Clinic is devoted to helping people take control of their heart health.
  • We participate in a variety of clinical trials to improve prevention and treatment of heart disease.
  • Our University of Kansas Medical Center partners are known for innovative research into heart disease.
  • People who come to our Regional Heart Attack Center are more likely to survive.
    • In all areas of heart attack care, we exceed the top 10 percent of hospitals nationally.
    • Our interventional specialists open blocked arteries faster than national standards.
    • Our patients experience fewer complications than the national average.
    • Although we take care of sicker patients, our mortality rate for heart attack patients is better than the national standard.