Adelaide C. Ward

The women's heart program at The University of Kansas Health System is a resource for you. We can help you know and manage your unique risks. And we can provide care that’s tailored to your needs.

Adelaide C. Ward Women's Heart Health Center

Although it's often considered a concern for men, heart disease is a serious ailment among women as well. An estimated 43 million women in the U.S. are affected by heart disease. One in three women will die of heart disease each year, and the condition is more fatal to females than all forms of cancer combined.

Symptoms of heart disease can differ between men and women, which is why the Adelaide C. Ward Women's Heart Health Center focuses exclusively on the needs of female patients. Made possible by a generous gift from the Louis L. and Adelaide C. Ward Foundation, the center is dedicated to preventing and treating cardiovascular disease in women. Our physicians recognize the unique and subtle signs of heart disease that women experience and strive to support patients in understanding and managing risk factors.

From proactive preventive care through diagnosis and treatment, our center provides heart care for women via personalized access to complete services and in-depth educational opportunities. We focus on lifestyle choices that optimize women's comprehensive strength, vigor and well-being.

The importance of women's heart health

It's critical for women to make healthy lifestyle choices and take preventive measures to safeguard themselves against heart disease. At The University of Kansas Health System, we are here to help. We offer a comprehensive cardiac care program devoted to women. Our all-inclusive approach balances a focus on risk reduction with a commitment to providing the latest in diagnostic imaging, treatment and rehabilitation for patients who need care.

Our women's heart health center provides women with:

  • A team of clinicians whose only focus is women's heart care.
  • A menopause clinic, in which specialists in cardiology, OB-GYN, oncology and pulmonology collaborate to provide top-quality care for postmenopausal patients.
  • Integrative health consultations for women with coronary artery disease, heart failure or breast cancer.

In addition to offering this program to help women optimize their health, we are also leaders in general prevention and treatment of heart disease for both women and men. Our program:

  • Provides a Risk Reduction Clinic to help people take proactive control of their heart health.
  • Features a dedicated heart attack team that pledges the fastest possible response time to increase patient survival.
  • Participates in clinical trials to remain at the leading edge of research and discovery in heart disease prevention and treatment.
  • Drives innovative research in the field.

Thanks to our expert care team, we surpass the top 10 percent of hospitals in all areas of heart care across the nation. Our specialists open blocked arteries faster, and our patients experience fewer complications than national averages, even though the patients in our care are often sicker.

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