Patient Testimonials

At The University of Kansas Health System, we are committed to saving lives and improving lives. And while we have received many awards and accolades for our services, the satisfaction of our patients is our greatest honor. A patient’s triumph can be a source of inspiration and strength for those facing similar circumstances. We are pleased to share a few of these stories with you.

Read what patients say about the care they received and how it affected their lives.

Jerry Sheridan laughs with Martin Emert, MD Jerry Sheridan – His Only Hope

Denise Bollin Denise Bollin – Saved by Skill

David Rutkowski David Rutkowski – Finding Balance

Charlie Chatman and Andrew Sauer, MD Charlie Chatman – Managing Heart Care from Home

Jimmie Hill Jimmie Hill – Helping the Heart of a Champion

Loren Berenbom, MD, helped Willis Hoskins treat his HCM Willis Hoskins – Going the Distance for a Higher Level of Care

Corie Cutshall Corie Cutshall – When Fainting Spells Trouble

Rich McArdle meets challenge of overcoming dangerous heart ailmentRich McArdle – Wholehearted Approach to Treatment and Recovery

Keeping Pace with DianeDiane Punch – Keeping Pace with Diane

Jeff Busch is no longer skating on thin ice Jeff Busch – No Longer Skating on Thin Ice

Rebecca SchrivenerRebecca Schrivener – When Cancer Isn't the Only Concern

Leah Huss Leah Huss – Unexpected Journey

 Agnes Pike – First CoreValve Patient: Still Laughing and Loving Life

 Doris Bowman – When Surgery Wasn't an Option

shirley allenbrand thumbnailShirley Allenbrand Has A Change of Heart

kathy dodd thumbnailKathy Dodd is Proactive About Her Health

janice gaunce thumbnailJanie Gaunce Makes A Change of Heart for Herself and Her Company

kathy webster thumbnailKathy Webster Understands the Emotional Weight of Heart Disease