Professional Image Standards

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At The University of Kansas Health System our priorities are high quality patient care and patient safety. Every day, how we speak, act and dress makes impressions on our patients, their families and visitors. Our overall image of professionalism conveys a message of respect, credibility and quality of care to all who come in contact with our hospital.


Our employees should exhibit a courteous, conscientious and professional manner in the workplace.Our attire standards ensure that we meet and exceed safety and infection control guidelines, and apply to all employees, all shifts, all sites and all places where we represent the hospital (e.g., meetings, seminars, etc.).As we are a tobacco-free campus, employee clothing and breath must not smell like smoke. Repeated violations of these standards may result in corrective actions up to and including termination of employment.

Each employee is required to wear their health system ID badge above his or her waist.

Attire Guidelines

Once you begin in your department, please refer to the policy for your professional image standards.

During orientation, employees follow Category 3 in the professional image standard booklet.

Category 3 employees may wear, in addition to normal professional attire:

  • Dress shirts (ties are recommended)
  • Button-down blouses
  • Sweaters and cardigans
  • Collared, hospital-approved logo shirts, collared polo shirts
  • Knit tops
  • Khaki, corduroy and cotton pants
  • Appropriate shoes for business (e.g., mid-heels, dress sandals or flats for women, loafers for men)
  • Dress capri pants that are mid-calf length or longer
  • Hosiery is optional for women

Category 3 employees may not wear:

  • Worn, torn, soiled or wrinkled clothing and/or shoes
  • Camouflage-patterned clothing of any kind
  • Sweatshirts, fleece or flannel, including zip-front styles
  • Team jackets, athletic attire or T-shirts of any style
  • Blue denim or other fabric resembling denim
  • Clothing that promotes or endorses brand products (e.g., beverages, cars, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Midriff-baring tops, see-through tops, tank tops, halter tops or lace camisoles
  • Shorts or skorts
  • Sweatpants, stretch pants, overalls or cargo pants
  • Skirts more than 4 inches above the knee
  • Athletic shoes of flip-flops
  • Clothing that does not fit properly (too loose, tight or revealing)

Read our full Professional Image Standards brochure.