Your Appointment

What to bring and insurance information

All appointments for office visits with our providers and educational staff must be scheduled in advance.

  • If you are a new patient to us or would like to join an education class: 
    Call 913-588-1227, 844-323-1227 or e-mail

Your first visit

Depending on your needs, you will meet with our physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner. You may also meet with our certified diabetes educator/dietitian.

What to bring

Be sure to bring these items with you on your first visit to the Cray Center:
  • Patient history form   (Download and complete.)
  • Glucometer (blood sugar monitor)
  • List of your medications
  • Lab results or records relating to your condition
  • Any logbooks you may keep with information about blood sugar levels, meals and activity

Patient forms

We can mail you any of our forms or you can download and complete them before your appointment.
Patient history form
Clinic or education visit referral form


We accept most insurance providers except Missouri Medicaid. Medicare allows 10 hours of diabetes self-management education in the first year and two hours per year thereafter. Although most other insurance providers follow Medicare guidelines, be sure to check with your insurance provider before receiving services.

Some insurance companies require a referral for services. Before scheduling an education appointment, we recommend contacting your insurance company and reviewing the following information:
  • Our tax ID number: 481163756

  • Medical director: David C. Robbins, MD

  • Our services
    • Group Diabetes Education
    • Individual Diabetes Education
    • Individual Nutrition Consultation (Medical Nutrition Therapy)
    • Medical Visits

  • Type of bill
    • Office visit for Medical Visits with physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or endocrinologist
    • Clinical Support for Education

  • Questions to ask your insurer
    • What is my benefit for diabetes education?
    • Am I limited on the number of visits?
    • Will I be responsible for co-pays?