Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Care Team

Together, we work to meet your needs

In addition to pediatric hematologist/oncologists, your health care team includes many different professionals such as nurses, dietitians and health care technicians. You can even consult with a financial counselor. Each team member plays an important part in your care.

Because The University of Kansas Hospital is an academic medical center, you may also meet medical students, residents and fellows (physicians pursuing advanced training in a subspecialty) who are involved in your care.


  • Pediatric hematologist/oncologist

    These physicians specialize in the medical treatment of children, adolescents and young adults with blood diseases or cancer, including the use of chemotherapy. This is the physician you will meet and consult with during your first and following visits to Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.

  • Pediatric surgical oncologist

    These physicians specialize in the surgical treatment of pediatric cancer as well as in the use of chemotherapy to treat patients before or after surgery.

Nurses and technicians

  • Nurse clinicians

    A nurse clinician works with each physician and will be your contact person for problems or concerns. He or she will answer your questions and review information about your child's treatment.

  • Nurse manager

    Each area (e.g., examination, treatment and radiation oncology) has its own nurse manager who oversees care. If you have problems that can’t be resolved by your health care team, please ask to speak with the nurse manager.

  • Nurse practitioners

    Nurse practitioners have advanced education and training. They work with physicians and see patients independently to help with problems that arise during and after treatment.

  • Oncology registered nurses

    These nurses are specially trained to care for people with cancer and to administer chemotherapy drugs and other treatments.

  • Resource center coordinator

    The coordinator at the our Brandmeyer Patient Resource Center is specially trained to provide information and help you to learn about your child's condition and treatment. She will also help you use the computers in the resource center to check e-mail and search the Internet for information about your child's condition.

  • Treatment nurses

    Patients usually receive chemotherapy and other treatments from a treatment nurse. He or she will also answer questions about your child's condition and treatment.

  • Health care technician
    An important member of your pediatric health care team, a health care technician is one of the first people you will meet. HCTs will be there for each treatment and follow-up visit, to place you in a room, take your child's vital signs and ask about any symptoms or problems your child may have. They assist the physicians with examinations and procedures, and schedule tests and appointments.

Support team and resources

Because cancer affects every aspect of your family's life, The University of Kansas Hospital's Pediatric Hematology/Oncology program offers support services such as financial counseling, social services and pain management. These are an important, integral part of the advanced care you receive. They help ensure that your child get the full benefit of his or her treatment.

  • Pharmacists

    To ensure accuracy, quality and safety, the Cancer Center has its own pharmacy. Our pharmacists are a vital part of your care team. They prepare your chemotherapy and associated medications. Pharmacists will review medications and explain what each one is for and what side effects your child may experience. The Cancer Center pharmacy is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. To make an appointment with a Cancer Center pharmacist, call 913.588.1227.

  • Pain Management Resource Team 

    Pain and fatigue are common problems for people with cancer. Members of our Pain Management Resource Team have in-depth experience working with all types of pain. If your child has any symptoms or if you just have questions, you can speak with your doctor's nurse clinician. Call 913.588.1227.

  • Dietitian

    Proper nutrition is always important, but especially so during and after treatments. Our dietitian is available to help you plan the best meals to meet your child's needs and tastes. You can schedule an appointment to see the dietitian during one of your regular visits. Call 913.588.1227.

  • Social worker

    Social workers at the Cancer Center can help you and your family with the problems and stresses that result from the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. They can help you with insurance, coverage for medications and Social Security disability. Our social workers will also provide you with information on community resources such as cancer support groups, transportation and lodging. To speak with one of our social workers, please tell your doctor or nurse or call 913.588.1227.

  • KU Kids Healing Place

    We focus on the physical, psychological, social, educational and spiritual needs of children with cancer. For more information, call 913.588.6305.

  • Financial counselor

    Financial counseling is available at no charge. To make an appointment to meet with the financial counselor, call 913.588.1227.

  • Chaplains

    Protestant and Catholic chaplains are available to provide pastoral care and spiritual services. To contact one of our chaplains, call 913.588.5000.

Medical support services

  • Laboratory

    The Cancer Center has its own laboratory, and most lab tests are performed on site. Some tests are sent to an outside laboratory for insurance reasons or because your physician has ordered a test that is not done by the hospital's laboratories.
    It will take a day or two for us to receive test results sent to outside labs. If your insurance provider tells you that you must have your blood drawn at a certain laboratory, please have your lab tests done one or two days before your appointment.