Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Special Programs

Unique care and support

As the region's premier academic medical center, we provide unique care and support for adolescent and young adult cancer patients, adult survivors of childhood cancer, and children and adults with sarcomas.

Adolescent And Young Adult Program

Depending on their condition, adolescents and young adults may require care from both pediatric and adult oncologists. At The University of Kansas Hospital, adolescent and young adult patients have access to the latest and most comprehensive diagnostic and treatment options.

Because specialists are often located across the hall instead of across town, our pediatric oncologists can collaborate with adult oncologists to provide the highest level of care possible.

Adult Survivors Of Childhood Cancer

We provide a continuum of care for pediatric and adolescent patients as they grow to adulthood. Periodic follow-up care is an important aspect of our long-term commitment to adult survivors of childhood cancer. During office visits, we discuss medical and lifestyle issues with the patient, including:

  • History of illnesses that affect an existing condition
  • Review of symptoms
  • Development of any masses
  • Medications
  • Educational status
  • Employment status
  • Insurance coverage (difficulty obtaining coverage)
  • Marital history
  • Menses, libido, sexual activity
  • Pregnancy outcome (patient or spouse)

Multidisciplinary Sarcoma Care

Sarcomas are solid-mass tumors in soft tissue or bone tissue that can occur anywhere in the body. Some are more malignant than others. Sarcomas require a multidisciplinary approach that includes surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

We provide expert care for pediatric, adolescent and adult patients with sarcoma. Our team sees patients, review their cases, develop a plan of treatment and provide follow-up care.

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