Patient Stories

The University of Kansas Cancer Center Hematologist, Sunil Abhyankar, calls photopheresis a lifesaving treatment for patients with graft-versus-host disease (GVHD).  UV rays are used to in a process that helps boost a patient's immune system as they battle various cancers and recover from stem cell and lung transplants.

Penny RushingPenny Rushing

BMT Survivor meets her match.

Anne Holzbeierlein

Leukemia survivor credits clinical trial for milestone remission.

hinderkssoderbergAmy Hinderks-Soderberg

Bone marrow transplant provides a second chance.

a_klaassenAaron Klaassen

BMT patient reaches 20-year milestone.

emily_b Emily Bennett

Young patient receives program's first cord blood transplant.

leisy_smallRachael Leisy

Stranger becomes Kansas woman's donor, hero and inspiration.

Charles NorrisCharles Norris

Stem cell transplant helps physician regain stride.

d_wilsonDavid Wilson

Program's skyrocketing growth helps more patients combat blood cancers.

tiles_hopeTiles of Hope

Artwork provides outlet for patients in BMT.

Meghan Woody and Spencer KeilMeghan Woody and Spencer Keil

Childhood friends battle cancer together.