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The University of Kansas Health System ranked nationally in 8 specialties on U.S. News & World Report's 2017-18 Best Hospitals List

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APC and colon cancer: Location matters
Published: 3/20/2014

Proteins, like people, can be complex and mysterious – at least to the scientists studying them. Some two decades after discovering adenomatous polyposis coli (APC), researchers are still puzzling out this particular protein’s secrets.

Research at KU offers promising breakthrough for pancreatic cancer patients
Published: 2/24/2014

Liang Xu, Ph.D., member of the KU Cancer Center’s Drug Discovery, Delivery and Experimental Therapeutics program and associate professor of molecular biosciences at KU, has discovered that targeting a cell-surface receptor called “CD44s” can block pancreatic tumor formation and recurrence after radiotherapy.

Researchers establish benefits of high-dose vitamin C for ovarian cancer patients
Published: 2/6/2014

Scientists at the University of Kansas Medical Center have determined that high doses of vitamin C, administered intravenously with traditional chemotherapy, helped kill cancer cells while reducing the toxic effects of chemotherapy . . .

Said the tumor to its neighbor, “You’ve got mail”
Published: 1/6/2014

Cells have their own miniaturized postal service in the shape of vesicles, or tiny bubbles through which molecules crucial for biological processes like communication and food intake are sorted, packaged and delivered...

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