Your recovery is our goal

Bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. When they all work together, the human body performs like a well-oiled machine. But when something goes wrong, the wear and tear on the entire body is noticeable and often painful.

Orthopedic doctors at The University of Kansas Hospital are expertly trained to work with all moving parts of the body. They specialize in correcting bone, ligament and tendon injuries and disorders. Our surgeons have years of experience in working with specific problem areas and are nationally recognized for their care.

What makes us different

Our orthopedics program is different from other programs in the region because we offer:

  • Expert and personalized care. Our doctors and surgeons have more experience with complex injuries and conditions.
  • A full continuum of care. Once you have been diagnosed by our doctors, you can expect to remain under their care and the care of other hospital specialists throughout your entire treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Convenient locations for office visits. The orthopedics department is located on the campus of The University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas, and has offices at KU MedWest in Shawnee and an Indian Creek location in Overland Park. 

Your recovery is our goal

If the muscles and bones in your body aren’t working properly, you want relief from the inconvenience and the pain first and foremost. Getting back to normal is the goal. The University of Kansas Hospital orthopedics staff wants you to resume the activities you enjoy with minimal pain and discomfort. Healthy bodies make for much happier people, and our doctors are here to make sure your body works the way it is supposed to work.