Our Pathologists

Learn about The University of Kansas Health System's team of board certified and experienced pathologists.

Wei Cui, MD
  Rachael M. Liesman, PhD   Rachael M. Liesman, PhD 

Dr. Mark Cunningham
Mark T. Cunningham, MD
  Madan, Rashna  Rashna Madan, MBBS
Hongyan Dai, MD, PhD   Hongyan Dai, MD, PhD 

  Newell, Kathy
Kathy L. Newell, MD

Damjanov, Ivan  Ivan Damjanov, MD, PhD
  O'Neil, Maura  Maura F. O'Neil, MD
Dennis, Katie  Katie L. Dennis, MD
  Persons, Diane  Diane L. Persons, MD
Dr. Qingqing Ding  Qingqing Ding, MD, PhD 

  Plapp, Frederick
Frederick V. Plapp, MD, PhD
Fan, Fang  Fang Fan, MD, PhD
  Tawfik, Ossama  Ossama W. Tawfik, MD, PhD
Fields, Timothy  Timothy A. Fields, MD, PhD
  Tilzer, Lowell  Lowell L. Tilzer, MD, PhD
Fishback, James  James L. Fishback, MD
  Stephanie Wood  Stephanie M. Wood, MD

Fraga, Garth  Garth R. Fraga, MD
  Woodroof, Janet  Janet M. Woodroof, MD
Friedman, Elizabeth  Elizabeth J. Friedman, MD
  Dr. Ye  Zhan Ye, MD, PhD

Dr. Nelli Lakis  Nelli S. Lakis, MD, MSc

  Zhang, Da  Da Zhang, MD