Imagine a day where every patient has a match

Imagine a day when every patient has a match

Many patients who need a stem cell transplant to be cured from their blood disorder can’t always find a donor who fully matches their tissue type. This is especially true for racial and ethnic minorities. 

Hope is available at The University of Kansas Cancer Center. Our specialists can match almost any patient immediately. One way is through half-matched related, or haploidentical, transplants. Possible donors include parents, siblings and adult children. 
Finding a match can mean a cure. 

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Blood and Marrow Transplant

Patients receive lifesaving therapy

Blood and marrow transplant, or BMT, specialists at The University of Kansas Cancer Center have made almost immediate donor matches possible for those waiting for a transplant. Our recent advances in half-matched blood and marrow transplant, referred to as haploidentical, have allowed for a much broader range of donors. Our physicians can identify an appropriate donor for almost every patient, potentially saving more lives.

This means a donor can be found almost immediately for nearly every patient who needs a BMT transplant to be cured.

Blood and marrow transplant uses healthy blood-forming cells from bone marrow or the bloodstream to rebuild a healthy blood supply. Bone marrow cells are called hematopoietic stem cells, and those from the bloodstream are called peripheral stem cells.

BMT is a lifesaving therapy for people with noncancerous and cancerous blood disorders and other disorders.

Since our first transplant in 1977, we have established a proven record of success. Ours is the region's largest BMT program.

Comprehensive outpatient and inpatient BMT care

We partner with you, your family and your health care providers. Each of us is dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality care to meet your needs. Our combination of research, education and patient care combine to ensure the best possible outcome. Our trained BMT nurses and support staff help patients with every aspect of the transplant experience, including nutrition, management of side effects and emotional support.

The Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Care Pavilion is a comfortable, convenient and safe setting for comprehensive outpatient blood and marrow transplant care. Hospitalized patients also receive BMT services in a comfortable setting designed for the unique needs of cancer patients and their loved ones. 

BMT highlights

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