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Neurofeedback Helps Ease Boy's Tantrums and Sensory Issues

LiamBy Jeffrey Field
A woman's five-year-old son struggled with extreme tantrums, night terrors and sensory issues until they tried neurofeedback. Read more.


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Acupuncture Treatments Help Woman's Dry Eyes Get Better
By Jeffrey Field 
A woman who’s been dealing with dry eyes for years says acupuncture treatments at Integrative Health at The University of Kansas Health System made her condition much better. Read more.

Don't Let Time Run Out on Use-It-Or-Lose-It Healthcare Spending Funds
Piggy bank
By Jeffrey Field 
If you have money left in a flexible spending account in the year's final weeks, look for ways to make the most of it. Read more.

Wendy Luo, MD, Empowers Patients Through Integrative Health
Wendy Luo, MD
By Jeffrey Field 
Wendy Luo, MD, believes in empowering patients with the tools they need to heal, a principle she’s putting into practice at Integrative Health at The University of Kansas Health System. Read more.

Acupuncture Helps Pharmacist De-Stress, Manage Lower Back Pain
By Jeffrey Field 
A pharmacist who tried acupuncture at Integrative Health out of “curiosity,” says it helped her relax and eased her back pain enough that she can resume her workout routine. Read more.

Neurofeedback Helps Woman's Recovery After Motorcycle Crash, Traumatic Brain Injury
Bianca G.
By Jeffrey Field 
A devastating motorcycle crash in 2005, left a young Kansas woman in a coma for a year. Neurofeedback played a critical role in helping her battle back. Read more..

Acupuncture Brings Patient Relief from Painful TMJ Disorder
Acupuncture helped relieve Derek's TMJ
By Jeffrey Field 
Derek battled a painful condition and tried all kinds of things to make it better. He found relief through acupuncture treatment at Integrative Health at The University of Kansas Health System. Read more.

10 Reasons Why You Should Probably Drink More Tea
Drink more tea
By Jeffrey Field 
Tea is a healthy, refreshing beverage option, but most people aren’t aware of the many health benefits it offers. Read more.

Acupuncture Offers Drug-Free Alternative to Opioids
By Jeffrey Field 
With the opioid crisis leading health experts to seek drug-free alternatives to pain relief, acupuncture may be an ideal approach. Read more.

Bring Inflammation Under Control Through Healthy Eating
Foods to help you fight inflammation
By Jeffrey Field 
Controlling inflammation – and reducing your risk for chronic disease – can be as simple as returning to a less processed, more natural diet. Read more.

Essential Things Everyone Should Know About Essential Oils
Essential oils
By Jeffrey Field 
Essential oils can do a lot to help you relax and feel better. But there are some things to think about before you try using them. Read more.

Inflammation: Nature's Healing Tool and Source of Sickness
By Jeffrey Field 
Inflammation is the body process that helps us heal. But having inflammation for months or years could be a recipe for disaster. Read more.

What Should You Expect from an Integrative Health Appointment?
Question mark

By Jeffrey Field 
An Integrative Health appointment will be different than going to see a traditional physician. It's an advantage when looking for the root causes and solutions to health problems. Read more.

Integrative Health Targets Root-Cause Solutions for Individual Health Woes
Two trees
By Jeffrey Field 
A lot of people who could benefit from integrative medicine may not consider it because they don’t know what it is. Here’s a quick lesson to help you understand. Read more.

Twin Sister's Illness Inspires Tiffany Burch to Learn Neurofeedback, Help Others
Tiffany Burch
By Jeffrey Field 
Integrative Medicine’s neurofeedback technician was driven to find answers after her sister’s life-changing illness. Now she’s using what she learned to help others. Read more.

Family Cheers 'Dramatic Differences' After Kids get Neurofeedback at Integrative Health
Erika and family
By Jeffrey Field 
Erika says she saw dramatic improvements in the way her children behave, think and learn after they received neurofeedback at Integrative Health at The University of Kansas Health System. Read more.

Neuroanatomical Acupuncture Brings 'Immediate' Relief to Patient's Lower Back Pain
By Jeffrey Field 
A lower back injury left Juan unable to walk. Acupuncture treatment at Integrative Health at The University of Kansas Health System brought him almost immediate relief. Read more.

Trouble Sleeping? Neurofeedback Can Retrain Your Brain
Exhausted woman in corner
By Jeffrey Field 
If you struggle with insomnia or other sleep problems, neurofeedback might be a way to re-train your brain so you can get a better night’s sleep. Read more.

Detoxification: Our Bodies Need Good Sleep to Heal and Thrive
Pug and woman sleeping on bed
By Jeffrey Field 
Sleep plays a key role in helping our bodies heal and recover – and it should play a big role in any strategy to detoxify your life. Read more.

Another Resource for Flu Season: Chinese Herbs
Chinese herbs and the flu
By Jeffrey Field 
Chinese herbs have been used as medicine for thousands of years and may be valuable in helping get through this brutal flu season. Read more.

Dr. Yoon Hang Kim
By Jeffrey Field 
Dr. Yoon Hang “John” Kim, the new director of Integrative Health at the University of Kansas Health System, places a premium on cultivating harmonious relationships with his colleagues, patients and the people in his life. Read more.

Vitamin D Influences Success Rates for IVF, Studies Show
IVF and vitamin D
By Jeffrey Field 
The journal Human Reproduction published an analysis of recent studies and concluded women with sufficient vitamin D are more likely to have successful pregnancies and births from in vitro fertilization.Read more.

Food as Medicine Can Help Get You Through This Rough Flu Season
Food vs flu
By Jeffrey Field 
The current flu season is one of the worst we’ve had in a while, but the medicinal properties of some foods can give your immune system a much-needed boost.Read more.

Savor the Moment: How Mindful Eating Can Make You Happier and Healthier
Mindful eating
By Jeffrey Field 
Rushing through meals only adds to our stress – and maybe indigestion, too. Mindful eating can make us more appreciative of our food and more in tune with our bodies.Read more.

No Medical Reason to Go Gluten-Free? Try Avoiding Processed Foods Instead
By Jeffrey Field 
Many people question whether a gluten-free diet is the cure to their health problems. While it may be case for some, many of us can find more help through another dietary tactic.Read more.

15 Ways to Celebrate International Integrative Health Day
International Integrative Health Day
By Jeffrey Field 
Tuesday, January 23 is International Integrative Health Day and we hope you'll celebrate with us by taking some steps that can help you take charge of your health.Read more.

Timing is Everything: Intermittent Fasting Gives Your Body Time to Heal
Intermittent fasting
By Jeffrey Field 
More people are trying intermittent fasting as a way to get healthy – and this meal-scheduling, snack-skipping approach may be easier than you think.Read more.

Detoxification: Remove a Big Barrier to Better Health with Good Nutrition
By Jeffrey Field 
Detoxification, or the process of removing barriers to good health and healing, can start by improving the types of foods you eat. Read more.

Dr. Yoon Hang ‘John’ Kim Joins Integrative Health as New Medical Director
Dr. Yoon Hang Kim
By Jeffrey Field 
Integrative Medicine at The University of Kansas Health System welcomes Yoon Hang “John” Kim, MD, as its new Medical Director. He succeeds Jeanne Drisko, MD, who founded Integrative Health at The University of Kansas Health System in 1998. Read more.

'I am so Happy Now,' Integrative Health Patient Changes Lifestyle, Improves Health
Jason Hulvey
By Jeffrey Field 
Jason Hulvey didn't know how unhealthy he was. He just knew something had to change. Read more.

Traveling with Young Kids? Pack So You can Have a Consistent Routine
Traveling with kids
By Jeffrey Field 
Traveling can be a hassle. Traveling with young children can be even worse. But if you can keep kids to a regular routine, the trip may go a lot easier.Read more.

Gut-Check Time: Why Good Gut Health is Good News for Your Body
Gut health
By Jeffrey Field 
Researchers are finding new links between good gut health and our overall health. But what does it mean to have a healthy gut? Read more.

Enjoying Thanksgiving doesn't have to mean derailing your healthy lifestyle
Healthy Thanksgiving
By Jeffrey Field 
While Thanksgiving is traditionally associated with eating delicious food – and a lot of it – it doesn't always have to be that way. Leigh Wagner, registered dietitian, offers some solutions for enjoying the holiday without derailing your healthy lifestyle. Read more.

Avoid unhealthy dining detours during your holiday travels
Stay healthy while on the road this holiday season
By Jeffrey Field 
Traveling with a family can be a stressful and exhausting ordeal. Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road this holiday season can be challenging, but you don't have to let it completely derail your plans. Read more.

These pre-bedtime habits can set the stage for a better night's sleep
Pre-bedtime rituals to help you fall asleep
By Jeffrey Field 
If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep, consider adding one of these pre-bedtime habits to your nightly ritual. Read more.

You've got a cold. Now what?
You've got a cold, now what?
By Jeffrey Field 
As temperatures dip and we spend more time indoors with other people, we're more likely to catch something from them. The best weapon against a cold is not getting one in the first place, but that's not always possible. Read more.

7 things you can do during the day to sleep better at night
Sleep better at night
By Jeffrey Field 
While the thought of an extra hour of sleep is enticing, experts at The University of Kansas Health System want you to feel more rested every night. Read more.

Study links diets high in sugar, carbs to cognitive problems
Study links diets high in sugar, carbs to cognitive problems
By Jeffrey Field 
A diet high in carbohydrates and sugar may put you at greater risk for cognitive problems, researchers from The University of Kansas Health System conclude. Read more.

Rethink your thinking (and how you feel) in new psychologist-led skills group
thinking By Jeffrey Field 
A new psychologist led Integrative Medicine skills group offers to teach how to identify and evaluate your automatic thoughts so they don't drag you down. Read more.

Six strategies to help cut sugar from your diet
sugar cubes By Jeffrey Field 
Cutting down the amount of added sugar we eat is a good idea, but it isn’t easy. Use some simple strategies to identify and avoid added sugar in your food. Read more.

'I am the master of my health,' Integrative Medicine patient discovers

Jennifer Barnett Fox By Jeffrey Field
Jennifer Barnett Fox has realized a significant improvement in her health by changing her diet and Integrative Medicine's approach of 'every person is unique.' Read more.

Skipping breakfast
By Jeffrey Field
A new study links skipping breakfast to clogged arteries, but missing the morning meal may be part of a whole set of poor health decisions. Read more

Dream-deprived: Researcher describes 'silent epidemic' of dream loss

Dream deprived  By Jeffrey Field
What is your body telling you when you don't dream? Whether or not you dream is a good indication of your overall health. Read more.

Recipe: Pineapple Rainbow Salsa

By Matt Erickson
This salsa contains just about every color of the rainbow. Not only does that make it mighty pretty to look at, but it’s also a sign of its nutritional power. Read more.

4 nutritional tips for kids with ADHD

By Matt Erickson 
The causes of ADHD are complex and still largely unknown. But there is evidence that children’s ADHD symptoms can be related to the food they eat. Read more.

Recipe: Fork-tender fish in parchment

By Matt Erickson 
Cooking fish sealed inside packets of parchment paper imbues it with flavor and makes for easy cleanup. In France, they call this cooking method en papilloteRead more

7 ways to boost athletic performance with your diet

athlete tips
By Matt Erickson 
Every athlete, no matter how serious, has a common enemy: inflammation. Here's how you should eat if you want to fight inflammation and perform your best. Read more.

Chicken-and-chard chili

By Matt Erickson 
This chili is infused with some powerful nutrients in the form of chopped chard. Read more.

8 ways to limit your exposure to harmful chemicals

By Matt Erickson 
Infographic: It’s a challenge to avoid coming into contact with manmade chemicals, and many of those chemicals can be harmful to our health. Read more.

Learn about the ketogenic diet

 randy-evans By Matt Erickson 
Video: Watch our dietitian’s interview with Dr. Mercola on the ketogenic diet. Read more.

Quick Lemon and Garlic Quinoa Salad

quinoa salad By Matt Erickson 
This salad comes together in a flash once you’ve cooked some quinoa. It will still be good the day after you make it. In fact, it might even be better. Read more.

6 diet tips for healing from autoimmune disease

By Matt Erickson 
Psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism – these all affect different parts of the body, but they are all autoimmune diseases. Read more.

8 ways to maintain healthy habits with a newborn at home

newborn  By Matt Erickson 
A newborn can turn your life upside down! We have tips for caring for yourself while caring for your infant. Read more.

3 simple strategies to keep your child healthy

healthy kids
By Anna Esparham 
Attend to your kid's health and wellness by emphasizing these three priorities. These strategies are sometimes overlooked, but they are simple. Read more

Repeat after me: Willpower is a limited resource

 willpower By Leigh Wagner 
How many times do we say or hear “Oh, if I (he/she/they) only had a little willpower, then I (he/she/they) wouldn’t be so…”? Read more.

How to minimize toxins for your kids

minimize toxins
By Anna Esparham 
More research is showing that environmental chemicals are disrupting hormones, immunity, and the nervous system in children. Here's how parents can prevent their children from being exposed to these toxins, without going overboard. Read more

How prepackaged diets put you in a box

prepackaged diets
By Leigh Wagner 
You know how it goes when you meet someone at a bridal or baby shower (you can tell what stage of life I’m in, huh?) or a dinner party: The default question “So, what do you do?” enters conversation within the first 10 seconds. Read more.

A hopeful guide to buying authentic olive oil

authentic olive oil
By Leigh Wagner 
Last year, 60 Minutes aired a piece on the "Agromafia" and the faux olive oil market. From the piece, we learned that about half or more of the olive oils sold as "extra virgin" in supermarkets do not actually meet that standard, and that the profit margin for fake extra virgin can be higher than that for illegal drugs. Read more