Nutrition Services

When it comes to treating or preventing chronic disease, food is medicine. Our specialized nutritionists can go beyond the food pyramid and other one-size-fits-all guides to form a personalized nutrition plan aimed at the root of your health problems.
The nutritionists at Integrative Medicine have specialized training in integrative and functional medical nutrition therapy. They are also master’s-level registered dietitians, so they’re on top of the most cutting-edge evidence that can help patients address their problems through nutrition.

Our nutritionists spend time getting to know each patient, their preferences, their lifestyle and their ultimate goals. They also use specialized nutritional lab testing, which they use to work with the patient toward a unique nutritional wellness plan. They can test for such things as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food sensitivities, genetic factors, digestive issues and more. Learn more about healthy eating and ingredients at Integrative Medicine's blog, with contributions by our nutritionists and team members.

The nutritionists also teach monthly cooking classes at The University of Kansas Clinical Research Center in Fairway, KS. They make cooking approachable and fun while showing folks how to use whole, real foods in everyday life. To sign up for a cooking class, call 913-945-7624. Classes are taught on the third Thursday of the month (January – November).

Healthy Recipes A-Z has dozens of recipes to support your eating habits of including healthy ingredients in your daily diet.

Learn more about our nutritionist, Randy Evans.