Expanding Care Options Through New Cancer Drugs

Advancing drug development from bench to bedside

Cancer care couldn’t advance without the discovery of new treatments, especially for patients who may not have other options. These new treatments include medications. But where do new cancer drugs come from?

They come from scientific study, from research, from clinical trials. They come from academic medical centers with cancer programs, like The University of Kansas Cancer Center. These formulas have become part of the standard of care for cancer patients. They’re used by physicians to fight cancer in a way that’s proven to be as safe and effective as possible. And they’re saving the lives of patients all over the world.

Of the 17 cancer medicines developed by the National Cancer Institute’s drug discovery and development program, eight were formulated by researchers at the University of Kansas, the cancer center’s research partner.

The University of Kansas Cancer Center’s Drug Discovery, Development and Experimental Therapeutics program establishes and advances drugs from the bench to the bedside. Working with other institutions, we have advanced seven new cancer drugs into clinical trials since 2009.

The future of patients across the world – whether in Africa, Europe or right here in Kansas City – is being transformed by the academic medicine practiced here, every day.

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