Saving the Lives of Those Not Expected to Survive

High-quality care for all patients

Helping very sick patients recover – even those who believed they were out of options – is what we do every day. We pair the skill of our staff with evidence-based medicine and the most advanced technology. And we offer this care with compassion and respect. Together these things have made us one of the nation’s top academic hospitals in saving lives.

As we work to provide the highest quality of care, we constantly measure how we're doing. Among the things we measure are mortality rates, which tell us the number of lives we’ve saved.

Our excellent survival rates are due to the experience we have in dealing with the most serious conditions. We adhere to best practices and develop new strategies to prevent infections and respond quickly to strokes and other emergencies. And because we believe in saving lives everywhere, we share knowledge with other hospitals across Kansas, western Missouri and the entire country. 

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