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Bladder Tuck (Cyctocele Repair)


The tissues supporting the bladder can weaken with time, and the bladder may push into the vagina and sometimes outside the vaginal opening (often referred to as a balloon or large cyst coming out of the vagina). Repairs will help restore the anatomy, as well as reduce any discomfort or pressure felt (some patients report feeling a tampon like feeling in the vagina or rubbing or a ball-like structure when wiping after urination) due to the prolapse. This can be repaired using the patient's own tissues while using stitches, or very rarely, supported with an extra layer of tissue such as mesh. Studies have shown that it is best to attempt a repair without mesh if this is the first treatment for prolapse, and if the prolapse recurs, then one can consider the option of mesh.

The procedure is typically done all through the vagina. A tiny cut is made across the front side of the vagina (near the bladder), and the stitches are placed under the vaginal skin to strengthen the tissues. Since the cut is in the vagina, this treatment is cosmetic and no scars on the outside are seen. Like with most prolapse repair surgeries, and to help preserve the results long-term, your physician will suggest weight, activity/lifestyle and lifting alterations after having this procedure done.

Our fellowship-trained surgeons are highly experienced so as to help you manage your prolapse and develop a care plan just for you.

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