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Body Contouring

After the success of losing weight, you may now struggle with the reality of excess skin. In this case, you can look to our plastic surgery team in Kansas City for various body contouring procedures to further slenderize your silhouette.

  • Remove excess skin
  • Remove stubborn fat deposits
  • Tighten remaining skin

Would body contouring be right for me?

Following a significant amount of weight loss, either through weight loss programs or bariatric surgery, you might now be facing excess skin and tissue. Oftentimes, this excess skin and tissue cannot be further reduced through diet or exercise. It can, however, be surgically removed through one or more body contouring procedures. Ideal candidates for body contouring are healthy men and women who have reached a stable body weight. If you're considering body contouring surgery, it's important to maintain realistic expectations about the outcome and the risks involved.

How is body contouring performed?

The surgical team performs a variety of body contouring procedures to further remove stubborn fat deposits and skin following weight loss.

  • Liposuction can remove persistent, localized areas of fat from multiple areas.
  • Tummy tuck surgery can slim down the abdomen and repair stretched muscles.
  • Thigh lift surgery, or thighplasty, can remove excess tissue from the inner or outer thighs.
  • Arm lift surgery is designed to remove loose, hanging skin from the upper arms.
  • Body lift surgery, or belt lipectomy, removes the belt of excess skin from the midsection.

What can I expect after body contouring?

Following any of these procedures, you should expect a recovery period of several weeks during which activity may be severely limited and compression garments may be worn to aid in healing. Possible side effects of some body contouring procedures may include infection, scarring or unmet expectations. If you have successfully lost weight and are now ready and motivated to continue on that journey with body contouring, we encourage you to contact us.

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