Quality Rounds Result in Exemplary Outcomes

Unit 66 nurses used evidence-based practices to elevate nursing care on their unit through daily quality roundsNurses on Unit 66, a medical progressive care area specializing in pulmonary hypertension, recently strengthened their assessment process through additional daily quality rounds. Since October 2014, Unit 66's daily rounds have focused on improving the outcomes of these nursing-sensitive indicators.

The goal of quality rounding is for unit nurses to ensure patient safety is always at the forefront. It's commonly known as "chasing zero," a healthcare phrase that is empowering hospitals to redesign their workflows so no hospital-acquired conditions occur.

Unit 66 nurses used evidence-based practices to elevate nursing care on their unit. They, in turn, developed a plan to improve the patient experience while continuing to embrace the patient and family as partners in care. Then, the nurses educated their patients on the importance of mobility, nutrition, safety and infection prevention to help them heal faster and better manage their disease.

The daily rounds have led to exemplary outcomes in key nursing-sensitive indicators – more than 90 days without patient falls, central blood stream infections and catheter associated urinary tract infections. The unit also achieved a 50 percent reduction in the use of central lines and urinary catheters.

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