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EpicCare Link
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Questions and Answers

Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about EpicCare Link.

  • EpicCare Link provides real-time web portal access to patient information on the Epic system, which The University of Kansas Health System has included in its suite of electronic medical records called O2.

  • Any provider who refers a patient to The University of Kansas Health System can use EpicCare Link. Providers also can identify their support staff who should have access to patient information in EpicCare Link.

    Certain insurance providers, regulators and other authorized third parties also may use EpicCare Link to access patient information. External research study monitors are required to use EpicCare Link for reviewing patient medical records for research purposes.

  • EpicCare Link provides real-time access to patients' medical records, including test results, imaging reports and notification of outpatient visits, admissions and discharges. This information can help coordinate patient care and billing.

  • EpicCare Link uses industry-standard encryption technology, ensuring access is only available to those authorized to view patient data.

  • There is no cost associated with using EpicCare Link.

  • Users will need access to the internet through Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

  • Providers and partners will receive directions to a website where they can enroll.

  • Provider practices who are interested in learning more should contact Physician Relations at

  • Each practice must carefully select a site administrator. This should be a staff member who will use the system on a regular basis and serve as an expert and coordinator for all users at their site. Practices also must appoint a secondary site administrator to help ensure continuous access. Site administrators are required to regularly verify site users, reset passwords, serve as on-site experts for other users and perform other critical functions to coordinate collaboration with The University of Kansas Health System.

    For research, the site administrator is typically one or two of the research coordinators on the study being monitored.

    Other types of EpicCare Link users will not need to appoint a site administrator. Their activities will be coordinated by a health system administrator.

  • Providers can request EpicCare Link access for clinical staff, nonclinical staff and office administrators in their practice. Each staff member will need to enroll in EpicCare Link, electronically sign the terms and conditions and abide by rules of patient confidentiality. Providers and their clinical staff, including physician assistants, nurses, administrative personnel and office managers, will have access to the provider's patients' medical records. Each site must designate at least 1 person as the site administrator, who will have certain additional administrative responsibilities.

  • When signing up for EpicCare Link, providers can choose settings to determine when and how they are notified of updated patient information.

  • Site administrators will receive an EpicCare Link Quick Start Guide to share with their staff. They also will be able to access the guide any time after logging in to EpicCare Link. Additional in-person training options also may be available.

  • Users should contact their site administrators for assistance. Site administrators who need additional help may contact the EpicCare Link help desk.