Modified Hours for Memorial Day

In recognition of the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, some of The University of Kansas Health System’s offices will have modified hours on Monday, May 27.

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EpicCare Link
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Questions and Answers

Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about EpicCare Link.

  • EpicCare Link provides real-time web portal access to patient information on the Epic system, which The University of Kansas Health System has included in its suite of electronic medical records called O2.

  • Any physician or provider who refers a patient to The University of Kansas Health System can use EpicCare Link. Additionally, physicians and providers can identify their support staff who should have access to patient information in EpicCare Link.

    Certain insurance providers, regulators and other authorized third parties may use EpicCare Link to access patient information. External research study monitors are required to use EpicCare Link for reviewing patient medical records for research purposes.

  • With real-time access to patients’ medical records, EpicCare Link helps you better coordinate patient care and billing. You’ll find test results, imaging reports, and notifications of outpatient visits, admissions and discharges all in one place.

  • EpicCare Link uses industry-standard encryption technology, ensuring access is only available to those authorized to view patient data.

    To help secure user accounts, EpicCare Link requires 2-factor authentication. This extra layer of security helps ensure that the only person who can log in to your account is you.

  • The University of Kansas Health System offers EpicCare Link to referring physicians and providers at no cost. A web-based service, EpicCare Link requires no installation on your end.

  • For enrollment questions, contact the EpicCare Link administrator at 913-588-0583 or via email.

  • You’ll need access to a web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome or Safari and a high-speed internet connection on a computer or a mobile device.

  • Provider practices that are interested in learning more should contact Physician Relations via email.

  • Site administrators are your EpicCare Link liaisons for both your staff and The University of Kansas Health System. Each practice must carefully select 2 site administrators from their staff. As the first points of contact, site administrators should use the system frequently and serve as experts and coordinators for all users in your practice.

    On a regular basis, site administrators are required to verify site users, reset passwords, serve as onsite experts for fellow staff and perform other vital functions to coordinate collaboration with The University of Kansas Health System.

  • An EpicCare Link administrator is employed by The University of Kansas Health System as a support and liaison to site administrators. A site administrator is employed by your organization as the primary point of contact between your organization and The University of Kansas Health System.

  • Physicians and providers can request EpicCare Link access for their clinical staff, nonclinical staff and office administrators. Each enrollee must electronically sign the terms and conditions. This includes abiding by the rules of patient confidentiality. HIPAA applies to EpicCare Link. To maintain patient confidentiality, EpicCare Link users must log out or secure their workstation when they have finished working or need to step away from the computer.

  • When signing up for EpicCare Link, physicians or providers can choose settings to determine when and how they are notified of updates to a patient’s information.

  • Yes, physicians and providers, along with nursing and clinical staff, can use the Order Entry activity in EpicCare Link to place imaging and referral orders with The University of Kansas Health System.

  • An EpicCare Link Quick Start Guide is available for site administrators to share with their staff. Additional in-person training options are also available.

  • Users should contact their site administrator for assistance. Site administrators who need additional help may contact the EpicCare Link help desk.