The University of Kansas Health System Training Center of the American Heart Association

We strive to provide excellence in resuscitation education and care

American Heart Association Authorized Training CenterThe Vision, Mission and Values statements adopted by The University of Kansas Health System apply to all aspects of patient care, including resuscitation education. As we strive to lead the nation in caring, healing, teaching and learning, we embrace values of excellence in patient care, competence and responsibility, among others, to achieve our mission to deliver world-class patient care.

All health care workers have a responsibility to provide competent and excellent patient care before, during and after resuscitation. That requires retention of resuscitation standards and skills long after the class has ended. Successful retention of standards and skills demands preparation prior to the course, active participation during the class, and periodic review of the material after the class for students, instructors and training sites.

AHA Instructors have the responsibility to create a calm and safe environment for learning and to promote excellence in resuscitation education.

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