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Saving Lives through Your Support

Twin boys standing in a park.

"The way we feel about the doctors, nurses and staff goes beyond grateful. They saved our boys' lives." - Ashleigh Hipp

The Hipp family celebrates a very special milestone.

"The doctors reassured us with patience, kindness and information. We trusted them to do everything they could – and they did," said Hipp.

Brian Hipp: I'm Brian Hipp, this is Ashleigh Hipp and our boys' names are Alexander and Andrew.

Ashleigh Hipp: I had a high risk pregnancy. It's a very scary situation because you don't know from day-to-day what will happen to the babies. Alexander and Andrew were born at 23 weeks and six days. So they were very, very early and they were each one pound, three announces. Look at them now, they're five years old. They're playing. They're having fun. They are healthy. We owe that to the University of Kansas Health System.

Family at picnic

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