Treating Infectious Diseases

Treating and preventing the spread of infections and contagious diseases

The infectious disease specialists at The University of Kansas Hospital identify and treat patients with complex viral and all other types of infections. These infections may:

  • Complicate bone and joint surgery, including infections in joints and around replacement hardware.
  • Complicate transplants of the heart, liver lungs, kidney, pancreas and bone marrow.
  • Occur after chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgical procedures.
  • Arise from injuries, car accidents and gunshot wounds.
  • Require the use of new and experimental antibiotics.

Diseases and Conditions

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In addition to treating patients, our physicians conduct research to develop new, more-effective treatments for dangerous infections. They’re also faculty members at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. As experts in their fields, they teach medical students the most advanced infectious disease treatments and the fundamentals of quality patient care.