The overscheduled child

How much scheduling is detrimental for children? Two psychologists from The University of Kansas Health System weigh in. 

Soccer practice, piano lessons, football games, dance competitions. How bad is it to be busy? Two psychologists weigh in.

Behavioral Pediatrics

Fostering Mental and Physical Health

Our highly trained and compassionate staff of doctors, nurses, and technicians work with children and their families to:

  • Improve family relations
  • Help children and adolescents cope with stress
  • Develop strategies that improve behavior

Our emphasis is on cognitive-behavioral therapy. We work with children and adolescents to help them understand that their thoughts, not their situations or surroundings, are responsible for and control their feelings and behaviors. Our goal is to help patients develop better ways to handle daily problems.


Learn more about the types of behavior problems that are treated in our Behavioral Pediatrics Clinics.

Your First Visit

Prior to your child’s first appointment, we ask you to complete a few questionnaires about your child’s medical history and behavior. If your child is experiencing problems at school, we’ll also ask for school records and assessments from your child’s primary teachers.

The first appointment will include a comprehensive behavioral assessment and a review of your child’s medical history. These will form the basis of a diagnosis and treatment plan. If we cannot help you, we’ll assist you in finding other appropriate resources.


We don't require a physician referral for you to make an appointment. However, please check with your insurance provider to see if they require one. 

Find a Location Near You

We have offices in three convenient locations.