Esophageal Cancer

We provide expert diagnosis and treatment

Patients receive a full range of services for esophageal cancer, from the most advanced diagnostics to the latest treatments and surgeries. Our team includes medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, gastroenterologists and pathologists.

Expert diagnosis

Before we provide any type of treatment for esophageal cancer, we perform a biopsy and tissue analysis to properly diagnose and stage (determine the extent) your condition.

We are one of the few hospitals in region to offer endoscopic ultrasound and a dedicated EUS specialist. EUS provides detailed images of the gastrointestinal tract and surrounding organs without exploratory surgery. We also combine EUS with fine needle aspiration to collect tissue samples for analysis. Our pathologist will examine the tissue to diagnose and stage the tumor.

Advanced esophageal cancer treatment

Treatment for esophageal cancer will include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, separately or combined.

Our da Vinci® Surgical System enhances our surgeons' precision in a wide variety of complex, minimally invasive surgical procedures, including those for esophageal surgery.

Novalis Tx™ image-guided radiosurgery provides fast, accurate, nonsurgical treatments for cancer and other conditions in the brain, head, neck and body.

Clinical research  

As a patient, you may be eligible to participate in clinical research that may include trials for a new generation of chemotherapy drugs. These targeted therapies kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.