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The University of Kansas Hospital is First in Region to Use Revolutionary Heart Monitoring Device

October 07, 2016

Kansas City, Kan. — Mary Joplin was out shopping with a friend one day when she started feeling really sick and asked her friend to take her to the hospital. When she got there, doctors found she had been retaining massive amounts of fluid and diagnosed her with congestive heart failure. After draining 35 pounds of fluid from her body, her doctors put Mary on a strict regimen of medicine to deal with heart failure. Unfortunately, that regimen required constant monitoring, which meant Mary would have to come to the doctor's office several times a week for checkups.

Rather than going through constant back and forth visits, cardiologists at The University of Kansas Hospital proposed a new technology for Mary: CardioMEMS Heart Failure System. This device is an implant, no larger than a dime, placed near the heart through a minimally invasive procedure that measures and records the pressure in the pulmonary artery daily. This information is then sent directly to the doctor's office, allowing them to monitor heart health remotely. Mary was excited about the device, and she became one of the first in the region to have CardioMEMS implanted. 

Since undergoing her procedure, Mary's doctors have been able to call her if she needs to adjust her medication – saving her countless trips to the hospital.

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