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"Superglue Baby" Turns 3

October 21, 2016

Kansas City, Kan. — Three years ago, things were pretty tense for Ashlyn Julian. At just three weeks old, she had a seizure and her brain started bleeding. This is such a rare occurrence in infants that only 17 cases in the world had been recorded in the last 65 years. Unless doctors could stop the bleed, she would die. Ashlyn was taken to The University of Kansas Hospital where doctors came up with a plan that hadn't previously been tried on someone so young. Koji Ebersole, MD, neurosurgeon at The University of Kansas Hospital, maneuvered a drop of sterile medical superglue to her brain using instruments the size of pencil lead and a human strand of hair and placed the glue on the bleed. It worked! This was the first time superglue had been used to repair a brain bleed in an infant so young. Ashlyn just celebrated her third birthday, and Dr. Ebersole and his son were in attendance.

As Ashlyn's mom, Gina Julian put it, "If he hadn't taken a risk that no one else was willing to take, we wouldn't be here today."

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