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Turning Point Kids Program Finds Global Welcome

June 25, 2019

Leawood, Kan. — Turning Point has used music, art, movement and other creative outlets to help children – whose loved ones are suffering serious and chronic disease – develop emotional resilience for years.

The program is now reaching at-risk children in Mexico and India, thanks to Turning Point's work with a local agency.

Staff at Turning Point, which is part of The University of Kansas Health System, have helped "train the trainers" at Children International about the Turning Point program, which helps children and adults learn the 10 facets of resilience.

Children International counselors then took this training to community centers in Jalisco, Mexico, and Kolkata, India, where they used the same dynamic curriculum to help more than 2,000 children and adolescents (ages 6-12 in Mexico and 12-18 in India).

After 2 years in Mexico and 1 year in India, the outreach has led to significant emotional development among those youths, according to Children International research.

For instance, the young kids overwhelmingly now can better recognize emotions in themselves and in others, and many of the older youths are able to "self-replenish," or find ways toward emotional self-care and self-calming.

Turning Point staff is thrilled to see their program making a difference among children in other countries.


It shows there's a commonality deep inside all of us – kids and adults. We're teaching people to be their best through self-help and how to come back from hard and challenging times. – Annie Seal

Director, Children's Programs

Model started in Kansas City

The resilience program shared in Mexico and India is the same one Turning Point uses at its resilience summer camp for kids in the Kansas City area.

During the 4-day camp, children participate in fun activities at Turning Point's Leawood facility while also learning about resilience. The program, which started about 10 years ago, involves children from ages 5-12.

Every year carries a different theme. This year's camp, held June 10-13, was called "Riding the Wave of Resilience." It involved watery adventures and lessons, such as "pool noodle sail boat," squirt gun painting and the "big waves of emotion" game.

While the children's program is helping youth in other countries, the resilience model is helping adults, too. Turning Point offers a free online program available to anyone who wants to build their own emotional resilience. The resilience toolbox features videos and tips about emotional expression, hope and optimism, insomnia, nutrition, pain management, self-calming and t'ai chi. Through these resiliency training programs you can learn the skills to manage your everyday stressors in the most effective ways possible.

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