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Statement from The University of Kansas Health System

March 23, 2020

The University of Kansas Health System has announced a partnership with a group of local business leaders who have come together to source and secure urgently needed healthcare supplies in support of the region’s COVID-19 response. The group, consisting of Nathaniel Hagedorn, CEO of NorthPoint Development; Tyler Nottberg, CEO of US Engineering; Dave Cummings, CEO of Tradebot, Andy Deister, CEO of the Russell Stover Chocolate Company; and Taimoor Nana, CEO of MTAR, have formed the Kansas City COVID-19 Task Force in response to an immediate need for additional community support.

As one example, the Task Force recently worked to purchase 50,000 COVID-19 test kits at a value of $1.2 million directly from a manufacturer, which are currently in the process of being shipped to Kansas City. The University of Kansas Health System is working on the other components needed to activate these tests by ensuring the right equipment, staff and supplies are on hand, as well as coordinating with state and local authorities on where, when and how the tests will be administered.

“This is an example of a group of deeply committed business leaders working in partnership with healthcare leaders to identify and fill a critical need in our ability to fight this terrible virus,” said Bob Page, President and CEO of The University of Kansas Health System. “Through their incredible generosity, we hope to be able to help even more people more quickly and ultimately save more lives. I hope the model Nathaniel, Tyler, Dave, Andrew and Taimoor have established can serve as an example to other companies and individuals to do what they can to support our regional healthcare providers, as so many have already and continue to do. The outpouring of support from this community has been humbling, and much appreciated during these difficult times.”

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