I Survived Multiple Health Problems

Cy Perkins

In addition to loving his cardiologist, Cy Perkins has kind words for his surgeon – “He’s my hero!” – and the heart team nurses at The University of Kansas Health System. “I feel like I’m their personal patient,” he says of the staff. “They take care of me like nobody else. Even the girl in valet parking knows my name.”

I love that man – he saved my life! – Cy Perkins

Perkins has had several cardiac procedures at the health system, including bypass surgery and implantation of a pacemaker.

And like many heart patients, he has had multiple health problems, so he benefited from the health system's advantage as an academic medical center. He has also received treatment here for diabetes and kidney cancer.

“Now I’m walking around having a good time in life,” laughs the retired business owner. And he advises heart patients to “do what it takes to help get yourself better. Keep asking questions until you understand.”

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