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Preparing your home before your surgery enables a much smoother transition from hospital to home and makes for an easier and safer recovery. A well-prepared home causes less work for your family members or caretakers once it’s time to arrive home after you leave the hospital.

Consider preparing a sleeping area on the ground floor of your home. Climbing stairs should be limited during your initial recovery period.

A ground floor bathroom should be accessible for your first few days at home. If you have a low toilet, you may want to consider purchasing a toilet seat riser from your local pharmacy or medical supply store. Also consider purchasing a shower chair to assist with bathing.

Arrange for Help

You will not be able to drive for at least two weeks or more after your surgery, which will be discussed prior to leaving the hospital. Arrange to have someone drive you for at least two weeks after your surgery.

Consider asking a friend or family member to purchase groceries, help with laundry and other household chores, run errands and drive you to your follow-up doctor appointments.

Organize Your Home

While you are in the kitchen (and in other rooms as well), place items you use regularly at arm level so you do not have to reach up or bend down.

Set up a “recovery center” where you will spend most of your time. Things like the phone, television remote control, radio, facial tissues, wastebasket, pitcher and glass, reading materials and medications should all be within reach.

Potential Fall Hazards

Remove throw rugs from walkways in your path. They can be a trip threat during your recovery.

Identify and remove any trip hazards, such as electrical cords, clutter or other obstacles in your home. Pets may also increase your risk of falls, and it is helpful to have someone watch your pets during recovery or make reservations at a local kennel.

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