Our Surgeons

Delivering superior surgical care and outcomes

At The University of Kansas Hospital, our surgeons are leaders in providing complex and innovative general and subspecialty surgical care. Patients receive the latest surgical options to treat their conditions and experience superior outcomes. 

We are nationally known as innovators in open and minimally invasive procedures. Our centers of excellence and specialty programs offer a multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and treatment of multiple conditions. These include heart disease, cancer, trauma, biliary system disorders, burns and wounds, and organ transplant.

Our specialty-trained and experienced surgeons perform challenging and complicated procedures time and again – approximately 20,000 surgeries in 2012. We do this in an atmosphere of collaboration and commitment to excellence. Given this volume of complex cases, surgeons here devote their practices to the treatment of uncommon conditions. 

Collaborative, compassionate care

We are committed to providing patients with the most compassionate and advanced surgical care. To determine the best treatment plan for each patient, our surgeons regularly consult with other care team members for their expertise.  

Because we are an academic medical center, we work in a collaborative environment. Frequently, multiple surgeons work together. This ultimately benefits our patients by providing access to specialists in more than 200 fields.