Jeff Weiner

Local president manages heart disease by reducing risks

Jeff Weiner thought he was "a poster boy for good health," but he couldn’t overcome his family history of heart disease with healthy habits alone. An incident of chest pain led him to the healthsystem’s heart team – and the discovery that his coronary arteries were severely blocked.

Several months later, the president of American Crane and Tractor had triple bypass surgery.  He was impressed by the personalized care he received at the health system, especially from his cardiologist. "He was a great advocate to make sure I was treated aggressively."

“You can do everything right and still have the wrong genes. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to prevent heart disease.”

Jeff Weiner, Prairie Village, Kan., with his wife, Barbara, and children, David and Rebecca.

-Jeff Weiner

Now Weiner manages his heart health by working with the physicians and staff in the health system’s Risk Reduction Clinic – and he urges others to establish an early baseline measure for their heart health.