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Living Kidney Donation Saves Baseball Player

Blake Conner was thrilled when his older brother, Brendan, found a matched donor and received a new kidney in September 2017. But his and his family's joy weren't yet complete. Both brothers were born with Alport syndrome, and Blake needed a kidney,...

Patient Story

Coming Back from the Brink of Heart Failure

Ruth Bevis, 56, has a reputation for sharing her heart with others. She’s been a Christian missionary, a kindergarten teacher and a loving mother of three. But on May 8, 2018, something went terribly wrong with her previously healthy heart. Due to se...

Patient Story

Acting FAST Saved Rachael Ferguson Twice in Single Day

On a sunny Monday morning in December 2018, Rachael Ferguson kissed her husband as she left their home in Cameron, Missouri. She dropped their 3-year-old son at daycare and drove to St. Joseph, Missouri, where she worked full-time at her parents' bus...

Patient Story

Stroke on Sunday, Home on Monday

Denise Taylor, 50, loves to have family – a son, 2 daughters and a granddaughter – around her. She lives in Kansas City, Kansas, with her partner, Shelly Simpson. They share their home with their daughters and granddaughter as well as 3 sweet dogs an...

Patient Story

Brain surgery stops epilepsy seizures

For 30 years, Karin lived with a secret. Most people around her couldn’t tell, but she experienced frequent seizures from a very young age. Now seizure-free for a year, Karin is living life in a way she once thought impossible. And it’s thanks to the advanced epilepsy care she received at The University of Kansas Health System.

Patient Story

Going the Distance to Lose 100 Pounds

Lynn Fender, 66, has bounced from one size to another many times during her adult life. At 5’4” tall, she has weighed as much as 212 pounds and as little as 110.

Patient Story

Scleral Lens, Cataract Surgery Help Patient See Again

Kay Webb shares her family’s experience with The University of Kansas Health System Eye Center and ophthalmologists John Sutphin, MD, and Matthew Twardowski, OD.

Patient Story

Advanced Procedures Inform Surgery to Cure Epilepsy

Judy Hodge was beyond grateful to reach her 5-year milestone as a Hodgkin lymphoma survivor, but she didn't pause to celebrate for long. Instead, with the cancer in remission, Judy turned her focus to the next chapter in her health journey: She was ready to get her epilepsy under control.

Patient Story

Autism Evaluations for Military Families

At The University of Kansas Health System, we understand the sacrifice veterans and active-duty service members make for our country. That’s why we pay tribute to military families by providing high-quality, expedited care.

Patient Story

Teamwork Enables Safe Removal of Skewer from Child’s Face

Xavier Cunningham afternoon of fun with friends took a sudden and terrifying turn for 10-year-old Xavier Cunningham of Harrisonville, Missouri. A swarm of yellow jackets sent the boys running from the treehouse they were playing in. As Xavier fled, he fell from the ladder – and landed face-first on a meat skewer the kids had found earlier and staked in the ground.

Patient Story

Fertility Care Helps Couple Achieve Dream After Cancer

When Rebecca Hertzog Burns learned she might struggle to have a successful pregnancy following cancer treatment, she worked with fertility experts to preserve her options.

Patient Story

Feeling Complete After Transformative Surgery

Assigned female at birth, Lucas is now 36 and finally completing his physical transition. His gender-affirming surgery is clinically known as metoidioplasty. The procedure involves a team of specialists working together to create a penis in a single surgery. It is the final surgical step for Lucas and the first such procedure to be performed at The University of Kansas Health System.

Patient Story

Overcoming Long Odds to Become Her True Self

Robyn Johnson-Barbee finally feels like her true self. It was a feat that seemed impossible for most of her life. But she did it – with the support, encouragement and expertise of specialists at The University of Kansas Health System, in Kansas City, Kansas.

Patient Story

Patient Grateful for Plastic Surgery After Traumatic Injury

Elizabeth Usovicz took a nasty fall in her home that caused a traumatic injury to her face. She was rushed to the emergency room at The University of Kansas Hospital for her initial treatment. The physicians there referred her to plastic surgery due to the severity and nature of her injuries. Elizabeth's surgical team included plastic surgeon Satish Ponnuru, MD.

Patient Story

DIEP is Right for Breast Reconstruction Patient

Lori, of Lee's Summit, Missouri, was 47 when she learned of the malignant mass deep within her left breast. She had a mastectomy less than two months later. At the time, she knew little about breast cancer, and looked to her surgeons for guidance.

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