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Patient Story

It Takes a Village to Manage Concussion Symptoms in Kids

As a social worker in the De Soto School District in Kansas, Joe Kordalski, has learned a lot about concussion symptoms in kids. He sets up academic accommodations for students who have experienced head injuries. "I've given a lot of advice to other...

Patient Story

Epilepsy Surgery Stops Lifelong Seizures

For 26 years, Grace Lindsay never knew a day without a seizure. Every time she woke – from a night of sleep or from a nap – she had a seizure. She had 100s of seizures throughout the day, every day. Every day for 26 years. Her mother, Sheila Gill, de...

Patient Story

From Stroke to Recovery in 90 Minutes

Greg Batson was in Kansas City, Missouri, on routine business. Usually, he would have driven home to Webb City, Missouri, at the end of his shift, but with a snowstorm in the forecast, he decided to stay in the city overnight. It was December 16, 201...

Patient Story

Lifesaving and Transformative Proton Therapy

Roman Volkov is a curious and active 8-year-old boy who loves all sports, plays baseball and delights in digging in the dirt on his grandparents' farm. Five years ago, however, Roman's life hung in the balance as he faced an unimaginable diagnosis of...

Patient Story

Nerve Transfer Surgery Improves Function for Tiger Attack Survivor

A Topeka zookeeper is on the road to recovery, thanks to the fast action of her colleagues and the expertise of her surgeon. Kristyn Hayden-Ortega was cleaning the enclosure of a Sumatran tiger, Sanjiv. Kristyn reacted fast when she realized an unloc...

Patient Story

Endovascular Expertise Enables Dramatic Recovery

The expertise of a collaborative, multidisciplinary team of specialists at The University of Kansas Health System turned a near-tragic event into an inspiring success. Eli Gregg, then 15, was outdoors with his brothers and friends when they discovere...

Patient Story

Affordable Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Marla Live a Fuller Life

Gastric sleeve surgery always had been out of reach for Marla Cantwell, 61. Her health insurance didn't cover it, and the out-of-pocket expense at hospitals near Monett, Missouri, where she lives, was more than $25,000. Then a friend told her about T...

Patient Story

Advanced Treatment for Rare CIDP Nerve Disease

A career in farming demands strength, stamina and a degree of fitness. Those are qualities Ron Reidlinger took for granted until he was in his early 40s. Ron and his brother work 1,500 acres of corn, soybeans and livestock near the rural town of Darl...

Patient Story

Living Kidney Donor Offers Second Chance at Life

When Trish Ford received a diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease (PKD) at age 30, she was shocked. She'd been struggling with stomach pain and high blood pressure since she was a teenager, but never imagined the underlying cause was PKD. "They didn'...

Patient Story

Expert Care Improves Rare Myositis

Gene Fox thought he was just out of shape. The 62-year-old hospice chaplain admits he was overweight and rarely exercised. But when he tried to wash his hair on a May 2018 morning, he couldn't raise his arms high enough to do the job. Gene and his wi...

Patient Story

CAR T-Cell Therapy Helps Lymphoma Survivor Beat Cancer Again

In her decades serving and advocating for Latinos and other communities of color in the Kansas City area, CiCi Rojas has worked tirelessly. She has held roles as CEO and president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Greater Kansas City, vice presi...

Patient Story

A Curious Course to an Esophageal Cancer Diagnosis

Josh Mullin expected to mark his 40th birthday with the typical trappings: a few friends, cake, a celebratory drink. Instead, he began his 41st year with the worst birthday present anyone can get: a cancer diagnosis. Josh jokes about it now, cancer-f...

Patient Story

Living in Abundance After Breast Cancer

It was 3 a.m., and Angela Grojean couldn’t sleep. As she lay in the darkness of her bedroom, a thought popped into her head, seemingly from nowhere. “For some reason, I just thought, ‘I haven’t done a breast self-exam for a long time. Maybe I should...

Patient Story

Metastatic Colon Cancer Patient Saved by Aggressive Treatment

Laura Perez, 20, is a gentle soul with a special connection to animals. This spring, she found an injured fawn on the side of the road near her home in Kansas City, Kansas. She nursed it back to health, and now the young doe, named Petunia, frolics w...

Patient Story

Doubling Down on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

At age 40, Wendy Denham began annual breast cancer screenings. She had 2 important reasons: a family history of breast cancer and a personal history of dense breast tissue. Dense breast tissue not only increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer, it al...

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