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Living Kidney Donor Offers Second Chance at Life

When Trish Ford received a diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease (PKD) at age 30, she was shocked. She'd been struggling with stomach pain and high blood pressure since she was a teenager, but never imagined the underlying cause was PKD. "They didn'...

Patient Story

A Cold Stole His Heart, But Not His Spirit

By all accounts, Kyle was a healthy, 46-year old husband and father. Until he wasn't. In 2013, he held a demanding job with the Missouri Department of Transportation, spending long days outdoors on his feet. He was also a volunteer firefighter for th...

Patient Story

From 100 Daily Seizures to Seizure Freedom

When Joe Dwyer met epileptologist Patrick Landazuri, MD, at The University of Kansas Health System, he'd had uncontrolled epilepsy for 17 years and was experiencing up to 100 small seizures or auras each day. People with epilepsy are familiar with au...

Patient Story

Ending Seizures Offers New Beginning

Shyanna Cassatt has few memories of her childhood. One of 5 siblings, she grew up in Bellevue, Kansas, a small community near Manhattan. At age 7, she developed serious inflammation of the brain called encephalitis. Her parents took her to the area's...

Patient Story

Active Grandmother Helps Drive Parkinson's Research

Pam Sullivan is a 64-year-old grandmother living with Parkinson's disease. While receiving advanced care from Kansas City's experts, she's also helping to shape the future of Parkinson's disease treatment and bring new therapies to market. She's an e...

Patient Story

Couple Receive Twin TAVRs

She had a family history of heart disease and watched her heart health closely. He had no heart problems at all in his family and anticipated no issues of his own. But despite differing histories, Kathleen and Richard Lenz – husband and wife of more...

Patient Story

Brain Surgery Helps Beat Rare Moyamoya Disease

Surgical technologist Jason Edwards was at work in the operating room at North Kansas City Hospital when his right arm went limp.

Patient Story

Wrestler Returns to the Mat After ACL Injury

Kody Ketchum, a sophomore at Park Hill High School in Kansas City, Missouri, began wrestling when he was just 6 years old. The sport has taught him many lessons, including how to overcome setbacks. So when he tore his ACL during a wrestling match in...

Patient Story

Grafting, Reconstruction Save Life After Trauma

When Jim Morris woke up in the ICU at The University of Kansas Health System, he didn’t know where he was or what had happened. His friends and family gave him the details of the work accident that took his life – twice – before doctors gave it back.

Patient Story

Caring for a Medically Complex Child

Deciding where to go to college, what to wear to prom, or how to ask out a crush are normal concerns for many teenagers. Wondering how long their new heart will keep them alive is usually not one of them. But for Sam Allen it is. At just 16 years ol...

Patient Story

Patient treated for rare skull base aneurysm

In early 2017, Rebecca, 40, experienced significant ear pain. She thought it was another event in her history of sinus problems. Her primary care provider agreed, but also noticed Rebecca’s tonsils seemed swollen. Rebecca was prescribed steroids and antibiotics and took the whole course, but felt no better.

Patient Story

Teen Receives Lifesaving Trauma Care

In 2017, the Bohns’ 2 sons were involved in a head-on car collision. Hunter was 18. Gavin, 16. The crash happened near their home in Columbus, a small town in southeastern Kansas. Ambulances transported the boys to a nearby hospital in Joplin, Missouri. Gavin suffered a concussion, broken nose, cuts and bruises. Hunter was not so lucky. “They told us the right side of his skull was crushed,” Eric said through tears. “They said we should go to The University of Kansas Hospital.”

Patient Story

Spine Surgery, Pain Management and Quality of Life

In 1985, Tom Shaw was an athletic, optimistic high school sophomore in Enid, Oklahoma. At just 16, he was already being recruited by many college football programs. Then he was in a terrible car accident, smashing into an embankment. He and his family were told that he would never walk again. “You don’t know Tom,” said his family. After a 14-hour operation, weeks in a hospital and rehab facility, Tom hobbled out with braces up to his hips and crutches under his arm. But just six months after surgery, he required another.

Patient Story

Football Player Tackles Spondylolysis

Learn about Ben's experience with spondylolysis including physical therapy. Spondylolysis is a stress fracture in the vertebrae and lower back, commonly seen in football players, cheerleaders and gymnasts.

Patient Story

Driven to Succeed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy

In 2015, Claire Vedock was a happy, healthy teen finishing her senior year of high school. She played on the school’s tennis and soccer teams and on club teams. She couldn’t wait to graduate and launch her adult life at Arizona State University. But...

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