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Patient Story

Athlete Benefits from Sports Medicine Urgent Care

When a sore foot started hurting enough to take him out of the game in the fourth quarter, CJ Callaghan's high school athletic trainer encouraged him to see the sports medicine professionals at The University of Kansas Health System during their extended Saturday hours.

Patient Story

Father and Daughter Receive Expert Multidisciplinary Care

When Kathleen Cannady received a devastating diagnosis, she turned to The University of Kansas Health System, well known to her family for providing expert, multidisciplinary care for her late father.

Patient Story

Patient, 100, Enjoys Telehealth Visit

Trying a new appointment type might seem challenging, but a 100-year-old patient recently handled a telehealth appointment with ease.

Patient Story

It Takes a Village to Manage Concussion Symptoms in Kids

Joe Kordalski has learned a lot about concussion symptoms in kids through his job in the DeSoto School District. When his son, RJ, started exhibiting symptoms, he knew where to turn.

Patient Story

Epilepsy Surgery Stops Lifelong Seizures

After having 100s of seizures daily for 24 years, Grace Lindsey and her mother turned to the epilepsy specialists at The University of Kansas Health System for a solution.

Patient Story

From Stroke to Recovery in 90 Minutes

When Greg Batson was in Kansas City for work, his wife recognized the signs of stroke over the phone. With the help of strangers and his family, Greg was able to get to The University of Kansas Health System.

Patient Story

Lifesaving and Transformative Proton Therapy

When Roman was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma of the abdomen, proton therapy saved his life.

Patient Story

Nerve Transfer Surgery Improves Function for Tiger Attack Survivor

A Topeka zookeeper is on the road to recovery, thanks to the fast action of her colleagues and the expertise of her care team.

Patient Story

Endovascular Expertise Enables Dramatic Recovery

When Eli Gregg fell and landed face first on a 10-inch knife, the neuro endovascular surgeons at The University of Kansas Health System turned the near-tragic event into an inspiring success.

Patient Story

Affordable Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Marla Live a Fuller Life

Gastric sleeve surgery always had been out of reach for Marla Cantwell, until a friend told her about the affordable bariatric surgery options at The University of Kansas Health System.

Patient Story

Advanced Treatment for Rare CIDP Nerve Disease

In 2007 Ron Reidlinger noticed numbness in his pinky finger and in spots on his feet. Slowly, other fingers began to feel numb. This led to a multiple year search for "the needle in the haystack" for a diagnosis.

Patient Story

Living Kidney Donor Offers Second Chance at Life

When Trish Ford received a diagnosis of polycystic kidney disease (PKD), she was shocked. She'd been struggling with stomach pain and high blood pressure for years, but never imagined the underlying cause was PKD.

Patient Story

Expert Care Improves Rare Myositis

Gene Fox thought he was simply out of shape until he couldn't raise his arms high enough to wash his hair. What was initially seen as an annoyance, raised concerns when it continued to happen.

Patient Story

A Cold Stole His Heart, but not His Spirit

What started as a cold quickly led to more serious heart issues for Kyle Warren.

Patient Story

From 100 Daily Seizures to Seizure Freedom

Joe Dwyer used to experience up to 100 seizures a day. After an awake craniotomy, he is now seizure free.

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