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Patient Story

Second Opinion Saves Vision – and Life

When she was about 6 months pregnant with her second child, Amanda McRae began having vision problems. She told her obstetrician about them and her physician said it was likely related to her pregnancy. Because your body experiences a lot of changes...

Patient Story

Surgery Provides Lasting Relief After Core Muscle Injury

Core muscle injuries are frequently overlooked, dismissed or misdiagnosed. It might be labeled a hip flexor strain, sore abs or a hernia. That’s why it’s important to communicate and seek out quality care. Read Zach Darche's story.

Patient Story

Pitcher is SEC-Bound After Tommy John Surgery

Jake Titus heard his elbow pop in spring 2022 during a game pitching for Ottawa High School. While the pop didn’t immediately cause him any pain, Jake knew things weren’t right when his pitches didn’t feel the same in the following week.

Patient Story

Gender-Affirmation Nurse Navigators Are Here for You

A patient shares a time where a nurse navigator helped them get care and feel loved, at a time they needed it most.

Patient Story

Turning Point Empowers Woman Awaiting Kidney Transplant

Those chilling words on the other end of the phone marked the moment that Amy Reinhardt’s life changed completely. “I remember feeling so scared and confused as we drove to the emergency room.”

Patient Story

Soccer Player Uses ACL Bridge Program to Return to Field

This is why the class is called a bridge program – it’s the missing piece of the puzzle between physical therapy and the playing field. For Jessica, the incorporation of her main sport was crucial to her recovery, as was the welcoming nature of the trainers.

Patient Story

High School Athlete Overcomes Labrum Injury to Play College Football

When Wayna’ Crofton was hit by an offensive lineman, he immediately knew his shoulder was dislocated. What he didn’t know was the extent of the shoulder injury.

Patient Story

Focused Ultrasound Relieves Essential Tremor

For more than a decade, Evelyn Bowen dealt with the frustration of her hands shaking so much that she often had to use a spoon to eat instead of a fork. She used straws to drink because the tremors would cause her drinks to spill.

Patient Story

Midwifery Delivers Desired Birth Experience

As a medical professional, Kara Armato knows state-of-the-art healthcare. When she caught COVID-19 during the second trimester third pregnancy, the midwifery care team at The University of Kansas Health System were there to help - following up frequently to check on her and make sure she and the baby were okay.

Patient Story

Rehab Hall of Fame Honors Patient’s Dedication

The Rehabilitation Hall of Fame recognizes achievements of patients who have overcome significant medical challenges, and celebrates the efforts of the care team that helped them on their journeys. Ethan Payne was the 2021 recipient, and through his extraordinary commitment during rehabilitation he returned to playing football at McPherson College in central Kansas.

Patient Story

High School Softball Player Springs Back from Torn ACL, Meniscus

When Maggie Richardson jumped up to spike a volleyball, she knew her landing was different from normal. When she came down, she felt a shift in her knee.

Patient Story

Wrestler Battles Back from 2 Injuries

When Kody tore his ACL, our ACL injury reduction program helped him return to the mat. When he tore his labrum 2 years later, returning to the health system for his care was an easy decision.

Patient Story

Lifesaving and Transformative Proton Therapy

When Roman was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma of the abdomen, proton therapy saved his life.

Patient Story

Saturday Walk-In Clinic Helps Athlete Get Back on the Mat

After breaking and dislocating his collar bone during football season, Michael Solomon was able to compete in wrestling with the help of healthcare professionals at our Sports Medicine and Performance Center.

Patient Story

Focused Ultrasound Helps Eliminate Essential Tremor

Our physicians have another option for the treatment of essential tremor, focused ultrasound. For Rich Schaefer, Exablate made a world of difference in just a couple of hours.

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