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Patient treated for rare skull base aneurysm

In early 2017, Rebecca, 40, experienced significant ear pain. She thought it was another event in her history of sinus problems. Her primary care provider agreed, but also noticed Rebecca’s tonsils seemed swollen. Rebecca was prescribed steroids and antibiotics and took the whole course, but felt no better.

Patient Story

Teen Receives Lifesaving Trauma Care

In 2017, the Bohns’ 2 sons were involved in a head-on car collision. Hunter was 18. Gavin, 16. The crash happened near their home in Columbus, a small town in southeastern Kansas. Ambulances transported the boys to a nearby hospital in Joplin, Missouri. Gavin suffered a concussion, broken nose, cuts and bruises. Hunter was not so lucky. “They told us the right side of his skull was crushed,” Eric said through tears. “They said we should go to The University of Kansas Hospital.”

Patient Story

Spine Surgery, Pain Management and Quality of Life

In 1985, Tom Shaw was an athletic, optimistic high school sophomore in Enid, Oklahoma. At just 16, he was already being recruited by many college football programs. Then he was in a terrible car accident, smashing into an embankment. He and his family were told that he would never walk again. “You don’t know Tom,” said his family. After a 14-hour operation, weeks in a hospital and rehab facility, Tom hobbled out with braces up to his hips and crutches under his arm. But just six months after surgery, he required another.

Patient Story

Football Player Tackles Spondylolysis

Learn about Ben's experience with spondylolysis including physical therapy. Spondylolysis is a stress fracture in the vertebrae and lower back, commonly seen in football players, cheerleaders and gymnasts.

Patient Story

Driven to Succeed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy

In 2015, Claire Vedock was a happy, healthy teen finishing her senior year of high school. She played on the school’s tennis and soccer teams and on club teams. She couldn’t wait to graduate and launch her adult life at Arizona State University. But...

Patient Story

Female Football Player Defeats Labrum Injury

Sophie Shaw, a multisport athlete at Blue Valley Northwest High School, has always had a passion for football. “I started playing football in kindergarten, but I didn’t become serious about it until high school. Now it’s become part of who I am,” she says. As the only female football player on her team, Sophie knew she could face obstacles, including injuries. She dislocated her shoulder on 2 different occasions, but she didn’t let it slow her down. It wasn’t until she felt a sharp pain in her left shoulder during agility drills at a football practice that she knew something more serious was happening.

Patient Story

Microdosing Puts the Brakes on 18-Year Opioid Dependence

Brad Bartholomew has always been a car guy. His current collection includes classic muscle cars and exotic foreign models. But he was driving a much less exciting vehicle – a minivan – when he suffered a serious accident in 2001. "I was hit by anothe...

Patient Story

How an HOCM Diagnosis Saved George’s Life

While George Huntington was on vacation in New Orleans, he smoked a cigar, something he rarely did. But it was a special occasion. His friend was getting married, and George was celebrating at his bachelor party. Soon after the cigar, George became s...

Patient Story

Exceptional Care During High-Risk Pregnancy

Ashleigh and Brian Hipp couldn't wait to start a family. Like many first-time parents, they imagined an uneventful pregnancy, easy delivery and joyful homecoming. But their dreams were put on hold when Ashleigh began to experience pregnancy complicat...

Patient Story

Husband, Father Celebrates Each Day After Brain Tumor Treatment

Chance Fouts grew up a Royals fan. Yet the Johnson County, Kansas, native never thought he'd be sitting behind home plate in the Buck O'Neil Legacy Seats. The honor for Chance, his wife, Jini, and their 2 young sons to enjoy a day with a bird's-eye v...

Patient Story

From Heart Transplant Patient to Triathlete

As Lance Barger lay in the cardiac intensive care unit at The University of Kansas Health System waiting for a new heart, he received some good advice from fellow heart transplant patient Brian Beggs. "He told me, 'If you're layin', you're stayin,'"...

Patient Story

Heart Transplant Saves Heart Failure Survivor

Bert and Cathy Carlson were teenagers when they married and began a life together in southeast Kansas. That life included Bert's service in the U.S. Army, a self-built welding business, the family ranch and children, grandchildren and friends. "Today...

Patient Story

Active Retiree Tackles Brain Tumor, Eye Melanoma in 1-2 Punch

At 72, Susan Hunnicutt was thoroughly enjoying retirement, spending plenty of time outdoors on her idyllic 2 acres and tending to 25 free-standing gardens across her property in Belton, Missouri. When she began feeling unbalanced and dizzy on a regul...

Patient Story

Runner Overcomes Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

Delaney Kemp, a former Mill Valley High School athlete, knew she loved running when she chose participating in cross-country and track over playing soccer. "It was a difficult decision. I had always wanted to play soccer in college, so the fact that...

Patient Story

Brain Surgery Ends Lifelong Epileptic Seizures

Stephan Stiles barely remembers life before the headaches and night terrors. When he was about 11, living in Leavenworth, Kansas, the headaches began. He started having episodes in the middle of the night that caused him to shake and make sounds that...

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