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Husband, Father Celebrates Each Day After Brain Tumor Treatment

Chance Fouts grew up a Royals fan. Yet the Johnson County, Kansas, native never thought he'd be sitting behind home plate in the Buck O'Neil Legacy Seats. The honor for Chance, his wife, Jini, and their 2 young sons to enjoy a day with a bird's-eye v...

Patient Story

From Heart Transplant Patient to Triathlete

As Lance Barger lay in the cardiac intensive care unit at The University of Kansas Health System waiting for a new heart, he received some good advice from fellow heart transplant patient Brian Beggs. "He told me, 'If you're layin', you're stayin,'"...

Patient Story

Heart Transplant Saves Heart Failure Survivor

Bert and Cathy Carlson were teenagers when they married and began a life together in southeast Kansas. That life included Bert's service in the U.S. Army, a self-built welding business, the family ranch and children, grandchildren and friends. "Today...

Patient Story

Active Retiree Tackles Brain Tumor, Eye Melanoma in 1-2 Punch

At 72, Susan Hunnicutt was thoroughly enjoying retirement, spending plenty of time outdoors on her idyllic 2 acres and tending to 25 free-standing gardens across her property in Belton, Missouri. When she began feeling unbalanced and dizzy on a regul...

Patient Story

Runner Overcomes Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

Delaney Kemp, a former Mill Valley High School athlete, knew she loved running when she chose participating in cross-country and track over playing soccer. "It was a difficult decision. I had always wanted to play soccer in college, so the fact that...

Patient Story

Brain Surgery Ends Lifelong Epileptic Seizures

Stephan Stiles barely remembers life before the headaches and night terrors. When he was about 11, living in Leavenworth, Kansas, the headaches began. He started having episodes in the middle of the night that caused him to shake and make sounds that...

Patient Story

Fast Action Helps Father Survive Stroke

When Robert Levene, MD, retired from a 40-year career practicing family medicine in St. Joseph, Missouri, he had ideas. A lifelong thinker and learner, he might return to school. He had outlines for books he might write. He enjoyed a trip to the Cali...

Patient Story

Baseball Player Bounces Back from Concussion

When Lucas Nelson, a junior outfielder for Shawnee Mission West High School, dove for the baseball during a game, he had no idea it would result in injury. "I was in center field. It was during the third or fourth inning of the game. The ball landed...

Patient Story

UCL Bridge and Repair Keeps Athlete in the Game

He'd thrown thousands of pitches over the past 12 years. Thousands of fast balls, sliders, change-ups and curveballs. But this one, this single strike, felt different. Josh Bortka recounts it this way: "The first inning went great. The second was OK....

Patient Story

Reducing Sports Injury Risk

As many athletes know, being diagnosed with a sports injury can be devastating. For Daniel Jackson, a receiver for Bishop Miege High School, it was not one but two injuries that kept him from playing his favorite sport for the entire 2018 season.

Patient Story

Deep Brain Stimulation Relieves Parkinson's Disease

Kathleen Thomas turned to her husband, Greg, and said simply, "I feel good." After brain surgery several weeks earlier, she'd had different thoughts. She'd looked in the mirror at her shaved head and bruised neck and chest and wondered, "What have I...

Patient Story

OsteoCool Relieves Spinal Pain

Lifetime Kansas City resident Randy Long has always been one to do for himself or for others. The 39-year veteran of a local engineered building systems company has served as an engineering technician and as an IT support specialist. He maintains his...

Patient Story

Leg Pain? It Might Be Your Spine

Fred Bonadonna, doesn't spend a lot of time sitting around. As a professional barber, he's been standing for a living since 1967. After hours, he's active with golf, travel and family get-togethers. But in 2015, physical activity became less appealin...

Patient Story

Living Kidney Donation Saves Baseball Player

Blake Conner was thrilled when his older brother, Brendan, found a matched donor and received a new kidney in September 2017. But his and his family's joy weren't yet complete. Both brothers were born with Alport syndrome, and Blake needed a kidney,...

Patient Story

Coming Back from the Brink of Heart Failure

Ruth Bevis, 56, has a reputation for sharing her heart with others. She’s been a Christian missionary, a kindergarten teacher and a loving mother of three. But on May 8, 2018, something went terribly wrong with her previously healthy heart. Due to se...

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