Summer Lunsway

Pregnancy and heart disease didn't stop me

Cardiovascular disease, America's number one killer, has no respect for age or gender.

Summer Lunsway was expecting her first child when she discovered that the heart defect she was born with was potentially life threatening. As a patient at The University of Kansas Health System, she benefited from the expertise of specialists in two special programs: the Pregnancy and Heart Disease Clinic and the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program.

“I have so much more energy now … I didn’t realize I could feel this much better.”

-Summer Lunsway

Summer Lunsway, Manhattan, Kan., with her husband, Linc, and daughter, Delayney

Her medical team determined the best course of action, then performed a new nonsurgical procedure to repair the hole in her heart.

Now the mother of a healthy baby girl, this middle-school teacher finds plenty of uses for her increased levels of energy.