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Patient Stories

At The University of Kansas Health System, we are committed to saving lives. And while our heart care team has earned many awards and accolades, the health of our patients is our greatest achievement.

On this page, you'll find real experiences from some of our heart disease patients. Through their stories, they reveal how strength and determination, combined with our heart team's skill and expertise, has helped them overcome the odds.

Heart patient Phillip Sportsman

Phil Sportsman: Carotid stent procedure

Phil Sportsman had a 30-year cardiac history when it was determined he needed another procedure to relieve plaque buildup in his arteries. A new minimally invasive procedure was the right solution for him.

Read Phil's story
Heart patient Holly Draper

Holly Draper: Heart transplant

When Holly Draper went to the emergency department because of a bad reaction to her sinus infection medication, she felt her heart pounding. But she took some medicine and brushed it off. Less than 2 weeks later, her heart was failing.

Read Holly's story
Heart patient Teresa Hamilton

Teresa Hamilton: Coronary artery disease

After a strange, burning sensation in her throat left Teresa Hamilton and her physicians puzzled, she was referred to the Adelaide C. Ward Women's Heart Health Center. There she found out her throat pains were actually a symptom of heart disease.

Read Teresa's Story
Heart patient Steve Herndon

Steve Herndon: Heart transplant

Things can change quickly. One day, Steve Herndon was hiking with his family. The following week, he was in heart failure and saying what he thought was his final goodbye to his wife. A heart transplant gave him a second chance at life.

Read Steve's Story
Heart patient Lola Brown

Lola Brown: Heart transplant

Lola Brown, a geriatric nurse, was no stranger to caring for those with serious health conditions. But her advanced heart failure took her by surprise. To survive, Lola would need a heart transplant.

Read Lola's Story
Heart patient John Findlay

John Findlay: Heart transplant

John Findlay was in denial about how sick he was. It wasn't until his cardiologist told him to stop playing the bagpipes that he realized his condition was serious. Now, he's getting a second wind.

Read John's Story
Heart patient Zach Engelken

Zach Engelken: Heart transplant

Young and healthy, Zach Engelken wrote off his symptoms of heart failure as a bad cold. But cardiologists at The University of Kansas Health System diagnosed Zach with acute heart failure, and his only hope was a new heart.

Read Zach's Story
Heart patient Jerry Sheridan

Jerry Sheridan: Heart failure

Jerry Sheridan of Sheridan's Frozen Custard was always active in his family business and his community. But a deadly heart attack affected him so severely, doctors didn't expect him to live. A risky combination of treatments was his only hope for survival.

Read Jerry's Story
Heart patient Denise Bollin

Denise Bollin: Aortic aneurysm

Denise Bollin was enjoying a casual lunch when she suddenly felt a burning pain in her throat and chest. Within hours, she was undergoing a lifesaving procedure after learning that her aorta, the heart's main artery, was tearing apart.

Read Denise's Story
Charlie Chatman with Dr. Sauer

Charlie Chatman: Heart failure

With 4 different heart conditions, Charlie Chatman made frequent visits to his cardiologist at The University of Kansas Health System. But thanks to a new wireless technology, his heart conditions can be monitored from home.

Read Charlie's Story

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