American Heart Association Authorized Training Center

Course description

AHA Heartcode for BLS, ACLS and PALS are online courses that contain AHA standards, information, case simulations and a written test. A separate skill validation is required to complete the course requirement. The online program must be completed prior to the skills validation class.


Register for a skills validation class. Once you are registered for a class you will be sent a key to the Heartcode Part 1 (online) program approximately one month prior to the skills validation class.

Self-enrolled Heartcode

Those who purchase a Heartcode program may attend a scheduled skills validation class. The University of Kansas Health System Training Center will issue the appropriate card upon proof of completion of the online program and successful demonstration of skills. Course fees apply.

Register here


  • The key to the Heartcode program will be sent to you approximately one month prior to your scheduled skills validation class.
  • Please allow time to finish the program. BLS takes approximately 2 hours to complete. PALS and ACLS take 6-10 hours to complete. Breaking the content of PALS and ACLS over several days is strongly suggested.
  • Do NOT wait until the day prior to the skills validation to access PALS or ACLS Heartcodes. Do NOT first access the program on a weekend as the AHA Help Desk is closed.
  • Activate a key for a course.

Help Desk

  • For any technical problems contact the AHA Help Desk at or 1-888-242-8883, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CT, Monday-Friday.
  • Do NOT contact The University of Kansas Health System Help Desk, they will NOT be able to help you with technical problems with AHA Heartcode.

Skills validation

All Heartcode programs require skills validation with live instructors. You are registered for a skills validation class.

You must have proof of Heartcode Part 1 completion; that may be a printed copy, screen shot or picture of the certificate. In some cases, to access the certificate requires exiting the Internet and going back into the program.

Successful completion

Successfully demonstrating skills validation is required for course completion. Skills required for each Heartcode:

  • BLS - Adult CPR with AED, Infant CPR
  • ACLS - Adult CPR with AED, Adult Rescue Breathing, Megacode
  • PALS - Child CPR with AED, Infant CPR, Core Case Cardiac, Core Case Respiratory/Shock