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Cut 100 calories a day to maintain a healthier weight
Eating even 100 fewer calories each day can help you maintain a healthier weight. Extra weight increases strain on your heart and leads to other health problems. You can improve your heart health by losing as few as 10 pounds.

Five great ways to take control of your heart health
Find a physical activity that you enjoy, and get your heart rate going. Walking, swimming, yoga, dancing and gardening are just a few options. Try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Safety tips for aging athletes

Safety tips for aging athletes
Kim Templeton, MD, talks about how the risk of injury increases as athletes age and offers tips on how to safely continue an exercise routine.

When it comes to a breast biopsy, you have options
You’ve just been told your mammogram shows an abnormality and requires a breast biopsy. Does your doctor recommend a surgical procedure or less invasive, less expensive needle biopsy? Dr. Marc Inciardi, division director of breast radiology, weighs in on the issue.

Fifteen questions you should answer before beginning Hormone Replacement Therapy
Women will often share stories of how their Hormone Replacement Therapy helps them manage menopause, but there are risks with HRT. Dr. Danielle Staeckerobstetrician and gynecologist with The University of Kansas Health System, offers these fifteen questions each woman should answer to better decide if they are a candidate for HRT.

Poison Control Center: How you can keep children safe
Children are the biggest reason for most calls received by The University of Kansas Health System's Poison Control Center. Curiosity mixed with household chemicals, personal care products, or medications can be deadly. With special care, you can keep children safe from household poisons.

Five questions women should ask themselves
Do you know how to protect yourself against gynecologic cancers? Dr. Julia Chapman, MD, offers the following quiz to help you recognize warning signs and keep yourself healthy.

Ten tips to keep kids healthy
The University of Kansas Health System's Department of Pediatrics offers ten proven tips you can start today to help keep your family healthy.

Substitutions or additions to boost your dietary fiber
Discover some tasty alternatives to include more fiber in your daily diet.