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Strengthening Your Core in More Ways Than One

Becoming more popular and well-known, Pilates is a method of exercise that can be performed by anyone at any stage of life, especially those who are dealing with health issues.

The exercises involved with Pilates focus on abdominal contraction and core strength.

While both yoga and Pilates focus on breathing with intention to strengthen the mind, body and spirit, yoga is an ancient spiritual practice. Pilates is a series of exercises created by Joseph Pilates.

Change happens through movement and movement heals. – Joseph H. Pilates

Author and Pilates creator

Turning Point is fortunate to have 3 experienced, certified Pilates teachers, who each bring something different to their classes. For the past 10 years, Terri Henges has taught Pilates for Everyone every Thursday morning at Turning Point. She has seen how Pilates has benefited participants of any age and with any health challenge.

"A person experiencing chronic or serious illness may perceive their body as being at odds with their desire for health and happiness," she says. "The effort to understand, and ultimately master, the techniques taught in class creates confidence to manage other challenges."

Terri explains that her intention as a Turning Point instructor is to strengthen the relationship between mind and body by learning the fundamentals.

"I strive to provide the opportunity for our participants to enjoy and heal their amazing bodies through exercise," she says. "The real bonus happens when they apply these techniques to aspects of daily living – using safer, stronger and more functional movement outside the classes.

In addition to Pilates for Everyone, Jim Smith teaches Strengthening Through Pilates, and Tina Sprinkle also incorporates Pilates into her Mindful Movement class. Pilates in Chairs is also taught at various locations in the community.

Please contact 913-574-0900 to speak with a Turning Point staff member about which class would best fit your needs.

Tina Sprinkle and Terri Henges

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