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Rethink Your Thinking (and How You Feel) in New Psychologist-Led Skills Group

October 17, 2017

We don’t give our thinking a lot of thought, but it could be dragging us down.

The University of Kansas Health System's integrative medicine team is launching a 4-week group program designed to help us identify and evaluate how automatic thoughts can motivate or discourage us.

These automatic thoughts pop into our heads as a response to things we sense or do. We see a puppy in the park. We smell food in the oven. We get invited to a meeting in the boss’s office. Our first thoughts may shape our interactions in these moments.

Negative thoughts — What if the puppy bites? What if the food tastes bad? Am I about to lose my job? — may prove self-defeating.

People with depression or anxiety disorders may find that negative automatic thoughts may provoke and worsen those conditions.

These automatic thoughts play a big role in our mood, even if we’re not aware it’s happening.

“People don’t pay a lot of attention to it,” says a clinical psychologist from integrative medicine.

She says the 4-week skills group will pay the subject a lot of attention, teaching participants how to identify automatic thoughts and what to do about them.

The 4 hour-long programs begin Thursday, November 30 at noon at integrative medicine (map) and meet again for the following 3 Thursdays. It costs $160 per person to take part.

If you’d like to learn more, call 913-588-6208. Space is limited to the first 8
people who commit.

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