Acupuncture Brings Relief from TMJ Disorder


March 05, 2019

Derek D. had pain and nothing he'd tried had been able to help.

A maintenance zone manager for the University of Kansas Medical Center, Derek had been dealing with a disorder in one of his temporomandibular joints – TMJ for short – which are located on the side of the head. They help control facial muscles and bones.

These joints enable us to speak, chew and yawn. When they're not working right, these actions can be extremely painful.

Derek had been dealing with his pain for more than a year. 

"I tried Botox, massage, cortisone," he says.

A new option

He hadn't considered acupuncture, until he saw an item in an employee email about acupuncture services offered by the integrative medicine program at The University of Kansas Health System. He wasn't sure what to expect, but he decided to give it a try.

When he began the treatment, Derek noticed a difference almost immediately.

"From the first needle that went in, the muscle went back to normal," he says. "To how it's supposed to be."

When the pain flares up again, a follow-up acupuncture session helps. Derek calls the treatment "very effective" and encourages other people with ongoing pain issues to consider it.

"Be open-minded and try it sometime," he says. "You never know where you'll find relief."

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